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My Son, The Jerk

No, not that kind of jerk, silly.

THIS kind of jerk! THE Jerk!

Why must we bring everything we own with us every time we leave the house!? Seriously, I had to send him to school the other day carrying pajama pants, a bowl and a big string he found on the way out the door.

Oh, yeah. I forgot. Little man turns 2 on Saturday! That’s why! :lol:

I LOVE having a toddler! :)


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A sustainable gift from the heart

Planning to attend a bridal shower, baby shower or birthday celebration?

Maybe you have a friend who could use some well wishes?

No matter what the occasion, if you have an event coming up and need a gift idea, Pure Designs for Living has just the thing!

Behold the Blessings Box! :) Lovely, isn’t it?


Blessings boxes are my new favorite way to celebrate the people I love. The idea is simple: At special occasions, you just sit this box out much like you would a guest book – only it’s way prettier, and serves as the perfect way to collect thoughts and blessings from friends and loved ones so that your honored bride, mama, or birthday girl (or guy!) can read all the wonderful wishes coming their way.

Each box is made of sustainable bamboo, and is assembled in California.

Inside you also find:

  • an instruction card that can be displayed for guests that explains what to do
  • 20 recycled linen ‘blessed’ notecards for the messages (more cards are available for order)
  • a magnolia & plumeria, hand poured organic soy candle
  • a bamboo pen
  • an engraved white jade ‘blessed’ stone
  • two beautiful silver & white ‘blessed’ bracelets
(contents vary slightly by theme)

Available in Baby, Wedding, Healing, Birthday and Home themes, each box features a sliding lid and a delicate cherry blossom design. (My suggestion? A New Journey theme for people who are leaving jobs, moving, traveling, etc.)

I recently gave one of these boxes to a friend in my office, filled with marriage tips, happy thoughts and congratulatory messages from all of her coworkers. (The box has plenty of room to hold lots of cards from her wedding, too, if she wants to keep them all.)  How nice it will be, years from now, when she can look back, reminisce over her cards and momentos, and revisit her day.  She’s a greenie, like me, so the fact that the box itself is so eco-friendly and sustainably sourced made it just that much better.

Blessings boxes are available at Pure Designs for Living.


I received a Blessings Box at a discounted price in exchange for a product review. All opinions are my own, and based on my experience with the product.


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In a little funk…

Fun day yesterday! So much fun, in fact, that I didn’t even blog…

Ok, so I worked all day and then went to a live appearance by our local weatherman. :| It wasn’t that much fun, but I was in a really bad mood last night so I skipped posting for fear of babbling on with unproductive negativity.

Why the bad mood? I lost my camera. Again. But this time, I fear it’s really gone.  As the saying goes, I sure am glad my head is attached…

I can’t seem to shake the weird funk I’ve gotten into since I realized that it wasn’t just hiding under the carseat. I mean, it’s just a 4-year-old Canon Powershot, which I didn’t pay much for to begin with. I shouldn’t be verging on mildly depressed over it’s loss. But I was strangely attached to that camera, the one that took my wedding photos and the first photos of my son.

Although I’m not sure that I’m really upset about the camera at all, but instead about the fact that there is likely someone out there scrolling through my photos. Boring sandwich and cloth diaper photos are no biggie, but said creepy person will also find pictures of my family’s first Father’s Day, my son’s first day in the pool, pictures of him sleeping in his bed, and pictures of us nursing, meant for my eyes only. The nursing pics are pretty discreet, and the thought of those being seen doesn’t bother me too much (I could always look at that as spreading awareness, right?) but the pics of my son? Those are mine. Needless to say, I’m feeling a little violated at the thought of randomstrangerperson looking at them, and I think that’s where the funk comes in.

But enough about that. It was my birthday yesterday, and it felt great to see all the birthday wishes roll in on my Facebook page. :D  One of my favorite people in the world, my friend Vanessa, sent me the spot-on perfect birthday card, and my brother called to chat. My mom and dad bought me a new juicer, and my father-in-law, a cooling pad for my laptop. My husband ordered me a present online (exactly what I asked for!), but it hasn’t arrived yet–so I’m keeping it a surprise until it does! 

We went out to dinner at Emma’s in Selinsgrove, where we had great meals in the past, and where the food is local, seasonal and almost entirely organic. I got some great pictures of the soup we had, but sadly there are gone. :(  It was a cold  blueberry and raspberry soup topped with a dollop of cinnamon sour cream! It was thick and sweet, a little chunky, and we both thought it would make a superb sundae topping. I probably would have opted to have it as a dessert if I had known how sweet it would be, but, given how fantastic it was, I really can’t say there is any bad time to eat it.

The Selinsgrove Hops, Wines and Vines Festival was going on in town as we had dinner, and most of our friends and some family attended. We all met up afterward and spent the evening chatting in the hot summer air. Nights like this sure look different when you’re the only one not indulging in copious amounts of brew. :roll:

Well, I don’t have much more today because, honestly, I’m still feeling pretty down on myself for being so careless. We can’t really afford the expense of a new camera right now, but I can’t do anything without one. 

One thing is for sure–once I am back in action with the photos, I’ll have lots of catching up to do! The blog posts topics are just piling up over here! With that, I’ll leave you with one of the photos I happened to download a few days ago (no, it’s not Medusa! It’s our cuke harvest!)) Maybe if I just keep eating nothing but these sweet, Japanese-style Summerdance cucumbers, I can afford that new camera!

Thanks for listening, everyone. I promise to bring a little sunshine into my next post!


Do you have any recommendations for what kind of camera I should buy? I’m on a budget, but I’d like one that handles food photography pretty well.

Have you ever had a Summerdance cucumber? What’s your favorite way to enjoy cukes?


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