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BabyKicks Washies Hemp Fleece Wipes: Why didn’t anyone tell me!?

Come ON, now people. I thought we were buds. Homies. BFFs. I thought you had my back. I thought we had a thing. 

So, why didn’t anyone tell me that I should be using cloth wipes!? 

I’m a BabyKicks Ambassador because I super big puffy heart love their JoeyBunz and Premium JoeyBunz hemp inserts. And since I’ve had the chance to try the BabyKicks Premium Pocket diapers, I’m in total love with them, too. All the fabrics they use are so trim, so absorbent, so functional….and so snuggly soft, it’s hard for me not to sleep with them on my pillow at night. (Ok, maybe not. They are diapers, after all. But you know what I mean.) 

A few weeks ago, I decided to give BabyKicks Hemparoo® Washies a shot. Continue reading


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One Reason to Use Cloth Diapers (Caution: Graphic Photo!)

Yup, you guessed it: she was wearing a sposie. 

I should know better. We have NEVER had a blowout in a cloth diaper!

My apologizes, Babykicks. I won’t cheat on you again!

(This happened in the GROCERY store, no less! Ugh!)

Diaper carefully, my friends.


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The GCDC 2013: Change a Diaper, Change the World!

Yesterday morning, we packed up the whole family and drove about 60 miles to participate in The Great Cloth Diaper Change!

Of course, we wanted to bring our favorite diaper, so we packed up a BabyKicks premium pocket diaper in bright yellow so it would show up in all the group photos. ;)

“Isn’t that a little far to drive to change a diaper?”  you might ask. Yeah, I guess it is. The change itself took all of about 2 minutes, but yesterday was about so much more than just changing a diaper! We were setting a world record for cloth diaper changes around the world, but we were also coming together as a community of like-minded parents with common goals. That sense of community is something I struggle to find in my everyday life, so the drive was well worth it for the sense of affirmation I felt.

We arrived at Om Baby in Camp Hill, PA to find a full-blown Earth Day fair and lots of free activities for the kids, which was great because the whole family got to participate. They even offered a special Earth Day story time for the bigger kids after the change, which our little guy was totally into. Local farms, local artisans, schools and organizations like LLL were there, and we were given a gift bag filled with way more than I ever expected. A children’s book, Rockin’ Green detergent samples, a packet of Motherlove diaper cream, tons of coupons…even a diaper cover, bib and tiny wetbag!

We had 39 parent/baby pairs in our group – a record for Om Baby! Our Little E  made friends with our change neighbor, a super cute baby named Roxy, who was rockin’ a Johnny Cash shirt. And there was a photographer on hand, so I should be able to link to some more photos soon. I held back on taking a lot of my own (it felt a little intrusive.)

I saw more breastfeeding and babywearing moms (and dads!) than I usually see in a year, so that was fun and a little bit rejuvenating for my spirit. It made for a long day, but the kids slept all the way home and I saw some familiar faces from the time I went to the Om Baby Mothering Circle meeting over 2 years ago. This must be a community that sticks together, and the feeling of friendship was impossible to miss. I couldn’t help but think about what might be possible in my own community.



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BabyKicks Twitter Party • 12/12/12 10pm EST

As a new ambassador, it’s my pleasure to announce that BabyKicks is getting ready to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas!

Join us as we begin the celebration with a Twitter party!

Wednesday, Dec. 12 • 10pm EST

Learn all about BabyKicks #clothdiapers, win great prizes and see what BabyKicks has in store for the next 12 days! There are lots of surprises to be had, so don’t miss it! 

Visit The Cloth Diaper Revival for RSVP and official rules. 

See you there!

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A Fun (Fluffy!) Announcement!

I have some fun, fluffy news! 

First, a little background: For a while, I was an avid cloth diapering mama. We started when our little man was about 4 months old, and continued until he was well over two. I’m not proud that we fell off the wagon a little toward the end, but I was struggling with transitioning back to full-time work,  being sick for months on end and a very stressful pregnancy loss, so I gave myself permission to use sposies for a little while.

Well, our tiny guy is now 100% potty-friendly, so sposies are out of our lives…and as we get ready to welcome Baby Girl into the mix, we’re also planning on breaking out the fluff once again!  Continue reading


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