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Baby, It’s Cold Outside! Win a Le Sac Igloo and WarmMuffs {Ends 2/9}


Welcome to the Baby it’s Cold Outside Event!

Open Worldwide

Hosted by Mom Powered Media, Event Organizer: Powered by Mom

With a special thanks to our co-host Giveaway Bandit.

Founded by French designer Rebecca Campora, 7 A.M.® ENFANT offers a wide selection of versatile, urban and stylish baby accessories combining good design, fashion and versatility. The award winning baby outerwear “Le sac igloo®” and “Blanket212 evolution®” are a statement among the baby essentials; reflecting the vibrant colors and modern style of the city and high technical demand of outdoor activities. Just as versatile and suitable to streets, camping sites or slopes, 7 A.M.® Enfant’s various products are found wherever the baby comfort is demanded. Continue reading


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One Whole Year Event Day 3: HappyBaby!

Welcome to Day 3 of my One Whole Year Giveaway Event! (Remember, to enter you must visit the original One Whole Year giveaway post, and complete the mandatory entry first. ALL extra entries must also appear on THAT post!)

So far, I’ve announced 2 prizes in the package:

  • One Kawaii Minky Bamboo one size cloth diaper in the new olive green color
  • The in-stock baltic amber teething necklace of your choice from Inspired by Finn!

Are you excited yet? :D

Today’s featured sponsor is HappyBaby!

We love HappyBaby products in our house. Yes, I make a lot of our baby food, but when I do buy it, I always buy organic and I love love love to find unique varieties to feed my son. I’m a firm believer in introducing lots of different tastes and ingredients early on to develop a broad palate, and HappyBaby helps me do that!

Mama Grain with quinoa, banana and black beans? Banana, beet and blueberry? Yes, please!

By far, our favorite product from HappyBaby is the Organic Puffs. We NEVER leave home without them, and the sight of a puff cures most cranky moments in an instant. Sure, lots of companies make puffs. They’re pretty simple, but HappyBaby’s puffs are organic,  contain 1/2 the sugar of many of the other leading brands, are made with whole grains and come in BPA-free containers that are sourced through a green partnership with Method.

By NOT using pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or genetically engineered ingredients, HappyBaby supports sustainable agriculture, so I support them. :) Be sure to check out even more reasons to love HappyBaby, including their work with Project Peanut Butter and how your purchase helps feed children in Malawi, on their Our Promise to You page.

The Prize? I’m getting to that… ;)

HappyBaby has generously offered my lucky One Whole Year winner a copy of their book, HappyBaby: The Organic Guide to Baby’s First 24 Months! (Written by Dr. Sears.) This book is full of answers to all the important questions about feeding baby, and your whole family, well. It also addresses living a greener lifestyle and making your home healthy. Inside, you’ll even find over $100 in coupons!

But that’s not all. My winner will also receive a set of FREE trial coupons for HappyBaby products, a nutrition guide and HappyBaby recipes! 8O

Not bad, eh? Thanks, HappyBaby!

For an extra entry into the One Whole Year giveaway: Visit HappyBaby’s website and leave me a comment on the original One Whole Year post letting me know what you like about HappyBaby! Good luck and thanks for celebrating with us!

**Make sure to complete the mandatory entry first! Mandatory entry and ALL extra entries must appear on the original One Whole Year post! (NO entry comments on this post, please!)


Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of the HappyBaby Organic Guide for review purposes. All other products mentioned were purchased by me and are used in my household. I was not compensated for my review and all opinions are my own based on personal experience with the product.
Sorry, this contest open to US residents only (Please note: My EcoMom giveaway is open to residents of US and Canada!) Entries will be accepted through 11/18. I will choose a winner via Random.org on 11/19. Winner will be contacted via email (please leave your email address!)  and will have 48 hours to respond and claim prize package or a new winner will be chosen.


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ONE WHOLE YEAR Prize Package Giveaway!

The presents have been opened…

The cake has been smashed…

You know what that means! Now that the party is over at home, it’s time to start the blog celebration! :D


One whole year of getting to know myself as a mommy, one whole year of getting to know my funny little sidekick, one whole year of not sleeping through the night :( and one whole year of getting to know YOU – my encouraging, supportive, never-let-me-down online community. Without you, I may not have made it to our first Nursiversary! Yup, one whole year of successful breastfeeding…and still going strong!

To show you all how thankful I am for the year’s worth of camaraderie, I’ve assembled a prize package featuring many of my favorite items from our first year!


…and, without further ado, the sponsors ARE...drumroll please

My sponsors have been WAY generous with their prizes, so please show them some love whenever you can!

My contribution? Well, a little bit of fluff, of course! We fell in love with ours, so the first prize I’d like to announce is a Kawaii Green Baby Minky Bamboo One-Size Pocket Diaper in the gorgeous new olive green color! I love this color for a boy or a girl, it’s super soft and trim, and I’m totally tempted to keep it (but I won’t.) Check out a photo here at Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique. Sweetbottoms is where we get all of our Kawaii diapers, and lots of other fun stuff, too! They have a great selection and offer Free Shipping on all US orders! Woot!

Check back tomorrow for the next prize announcement! Remember, one winner takes all!

Ready for the details?

This is the main entry post. Mandatory entry and ALL subsequent entry comments must be made here. Each day for the next week, I will post a Sponsor Spotlight featuring details about one of our sponsors, and the prize they are offering! Several sponsors are also offering discount codes and special offers for the event, so don’t miss it! Each Sponsor Spotlight will include one easy extra entry opportunity, so be sure to check in each day! (THIS post is sticky, so it will not move. Scroll down my page for each sponsor spotlight!)

MANDATORY ENTRY: “Like” each of my sponsors on Facebook (while you’re there, be sure to thank them for sponsoring!)  then leave me a comment here letting me know that you “liked” them all, and which one you are most excited about! Here are the links to all the Facebook pages:

Inspired by Finn


EcoMom (Don’t forget…I’m hosting an EcoMom giveaway NOW, too! Enter here to win a $25 gift card!)

Hazelnut Kids

Milkin Cookies


There are 3 other optional ways to enter:

1. Blog about this giveaway, or post it on a public forum. Leave me a comment on this post with a link to your post.

2. Tweet about this giveaway. Tweet must include a link to this post. Leave me a comment on this post with a link to your tweet. (Only one per day, please.) Here’s a sample tweet:

“I entered the One Whole Year #baby prize package #giveaway at ABCGP! Easy entry, ends 11/18. http://wp.me/pTRQh-v1″

3. Grab my One Whole Year button! Put it on your blog, and leave me a link here so I can find it (To those readers who got a bonus entry for grabbing the button early, don’t worry…you’ll get one entry for grabbing and one for grabbing early ;) )

That’s it! Easy peasy, right? There will be more ways to enter in the coming days, so be sure to check back and see what all the prizes are, and get your entries in! Good luck, and thanks for celebrating with us!

Sorry, this contest open to US residents only (Please note: My EcoMom giveaway is open to residents of US and Canada!) Entries will be accepted through 11/18. I will choose a winner via Random.org on 11/19. Winner will be contacted via email (please leave your email address!)  and will have 48 hours to respond and claim prize package or a new winner will be chosen.


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Lovin’ our Luve! Baby Bathtime Giveaway!

Since becoming a mommy, my “bathtime” consists of a quick hop in the shower, just long enough to rinse away the drooly kisses, wayward drips of milk and splats of sweet potato that have accumulated on me throughout the course of the day, and then decide whether to wash my hair or shave my legs, because I certainly don’t have time to do both.

I treasure my few moments alone under the steamy water, because they are few and far between, and because they rejuvenate me just enough that I feel like myself again, ready to take on the next few hours entertaining a very energetic baby. 

But even more than my own, I treasure my son’s bathtime. 

I can’t wait for those nights when, after dinner, we start to wind things down with a warm, bubbly soak in the tub. Little man is just starting to learn what water is, and that you can’t grab it and hold it in your hand, and the look of wonder on his face when I sprinkle it on him is just priceless. The way he looks at me, you’d think I’d invented it.

We use Nature Babycare Eco Sensitive Wash, which leaves the back of his soft little head smelling fresh and absolutely delicious. Sometimes when I wrap him in a towel and snuggle him dry, I feel like I could just inhale his whole sweet little self. There will come a day when he won’t allow me to nuzzle his neck anymore, and the bathroom door will be tightly locked with mommy on the outside, so I’m going to take it while I can. We splash, we sing, we count piggies, and we share moments that will give me a big warm fuzzy every time I look back on them.

Ever since his second real bath in the baby tub, my son has loved bathtime. I say the second real bath because his first one wasn’t so much fun. See, my son was born in November, and by the time he was a couple weeks old, lost his cord and graduated up from the sponge bath, it was pretty darned cold. I figured I’d try to keep most of his body covered in water, but he just screamed. As a first time mommy, I felt terrible. I thought bathtime might end up being a battle…and we had a lot of baths in our future… :(

So I was out shopping one day, browsing for something to get with a baby shower gift card, when I happened upon a simple, yet ingenious little baby item called the Bath Luve. It was basically a big washcloth, shaped like a frog. I read the packaging, and it was obvious what it was–a cute little cover that you wet with warm water and lay over your baby in the tub to keep him warm and secure–and it was obvious that I needed one!

I grabbed a frog, and tried it out that night. What a difference! I’d describe it to you, but I’d rather just show you.

Just submerge the 100% cotton Luve in warm bathwater, and drape it over baby’s torso. No more crying!

I no longer had to take my warm, swaddled baby out of his comfort zone and upset him with a bath in the cold December air. (My house is warm, but there’s always a draft, and he just didn’t seem to like being so exposed after being swaddled and cuddled all day.) I went back shortly after and got another–the blue fish–and we have used our Bath Luves for every single bath for nearly 8 months now. They are a little worn after so many washes, but holding up well. They now sell Bath Buddies, too, which are cute spongy little critters that help you keep the Bath Luve warm and wet without having to remove it. I’m thinking we may need to get one or two of those!

Bathtime has been an absolute pleasure, with no tears at all. When we’re done, we have a smiley, happy, shiny clean baby.

These days, we use the Bath Luve as a sort of “cape” to keep my son’s back warm, since he no longer lays down in the tub. (Although he is cutting his 4 top teeth right now, so the Luve often finds itself stuck in his mouth, serving as a teether!) 

I have since picked one  up for my sister-in-law, who had a baby in January, and for the two other mommies-to-be in my office. They have been a big hit with every baby so far! (Bonus: They have all been boy babies, and their mommies especially love not getting sprinkled with a tinkle when baby hits the bathwater!) It’s definitely my go-to baby shower gift!

I’ve heard some say that a plain old washcloth would serve the same purpose. I guess I can’t argue, but as any new mommy or expecting mommy knows, the cuteness factor is important! Plus, these are bigger and shaped to fit your baby’s body. And, if you’re one of the many that washes baby items in a different laundry detergent, the Bath Luve is easily recognizable and won’t get mixed in with the rest like one of your washcloths would.

What is bathtime like at your house? Would you like to try out a Bath Luve for yourself? Or, give one as a gift to an expecting mommy?

Amy, the smart mommy behind the Bath Luve, has offered to supply one lucky ABCGP reader with the Bath Luve of their choice! 

To enter (mandatory entry): Visit the Bath Luve website, check out the 3 different styles (duck, fish or frog), and leave me a comment about the one you’d like to win.

For two extra entries, mention this giveaway on your blog or any online message board, and leave me a comment with a link.

Limit three entries per person. Please leave a separate numbered comment (#1, #2, #3) for each entry.

I will choose a winner at random on Sunday, July 4th. 

Good Luck!


Note: I received no compensation for my review. Review is based solely on personal use of Bath Luves purchased by me :)

Congrats to our winner, Patti J, with comment #27!


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