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A Play-by-Play with the Tiny Love Gymini Move & Play {Giveaway Ends 5/13}

When our little girl reached the 2-month mark, I fell into a common mom trap. I saw my friends’ babies, of similar age, reaching some milestones and I got a little worried because my baby wasn’t doing the same. So I hopped online and started Googling, and that made it even worse. Gross motor skills? Fine motor skills? Hand/eye coordination? Was her development affected because she was born early? Were these things I should be worried about? As it turned out, the answer was no. I put her on her playmat, gave her a little tummy time, and within days she was laughing and playing just as I had hoped.

I promised myself I would put all those “milestones” in their place and remember that every baby is different and develops at her own pace, but I also promised myself that I would make a bigger effort to help her engage in age-appropriate play. The play mat she had was pretty boring, with just 4 clip-on animals dangling down for her to swat. So, I started looking for another option. One with a little more action. And when I found the Gymini® Move & Play, the folks at Tiny Love were kind enough to send one our way!

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