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Look out, Potty! Here we come!

I knew this time would come…eventually.

My 23-month-old son has shown quite an interest in the potty for a while now, peeing occasionally, and throwing lots of paper in when we aren’t looking.

But now? We have POOP!

Not every time, but often enough to know that he’s well on his way to learning how to use the potty full-time.

So, why do I feel a stinging twinge of sadness?

Because I’ll miss my FLUFF!

The stash I researched so diligently and worked so hard to build (building a community of like-minded friends along the way, I might add! Bonus!) The stash I painstakingly laundered and sunned, sniffing to make sure they were as fresh as a spring breeze for my sweet baby’s bum.  They might be poop-catchers, but there’s nothing quite like a pile of freshly washed, stuffed and folded diapers in a rainbow of colors!

I surely don’t have the most impressive collection, and I’ll admit that we never did quite get to the point where we gave up our little stash of disposable inserts (GroVia rocks, by the way!) , but there’s just something about making that choice – the economical choice, the ecofriendlier choice, the healthier choice - that made me feel like I was doing my absolute best as a mom.

Ah, cloth. How I love thee! It saddens me that our time is coming to an end, but I have hope that someday I’ll unpack you and fall in love all over again!

Thanks for the memories!

Until next time…

(I just wonder if I’ll feel the same way about my mama cloth when I join the menopause community:| )

Wow. Did I just say menopause?! Can you tell I’m feeling the clock tick away? Come on Baby #2!


To all my cloth diapering readers: did you miss your fluff when the potty took over? Were you sad to see the transition begin?



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Quesadilla Casserole

As promised, Quesadilla Casserole! Because woman cannot live on oats alone…

I had a coupon for McCormick’s new Recipe Inspirations, so I picked up the one that included the spices and recipe card for Quesadilla Casserole. I chose that one because I happened to have most of the ingredients on hand at the time, and I’m SO glad I did!

Have you seen these? 

They come with one recipe card and all of the individual spices needed to complete the recipe. 

I’ll admit, at first I thought this was just a clever way to jack up the price of simple spices. But once I thought about it, it’s a great idea for people who don’t have full spice racks and those who won’t use a whole container of a given spice. This way, the spices are always fresh and if you really like the recipe enough to make it again, you can go buy the full sizes.

I found these at 2/$3, and I had 2 $1 coupons. I also found a tearpad at the store that gave me another $1 off fresh meat with the purchase of 2 McCormick spices, so I basically got 2 spice cards for the grand total of: FREE!

Love FREE!

You can find the original recipe here, but I can never resist changing things up, ABCGP-style, and trying to up the health factor as much as possible.

Here are the tweaks I made:

–The original McCormick recipe called for beef, so I substituted extra lean ground turkey.

–I swapped out the white flour tortillas for a 100% whole wheat variety (white tortillas = gut glue!) 

–I used organic tomato sauce, organic beans, organic corn and organic onion. I also amped up the veggie content by adding in some pureed organic carrots.

–I cut the cheese (Ha ha!) No really, I cut the amount of cheese called for by a lot.  (I’m having a major anti-dairy moment in my life right now.) My husband just added extra cheese to his individual serving and all was well.

–Finally, I used frozen veggies instead of canned, lowering the sodium content. I have hypertension, so this is a big one for me. Any time you can use fresh or frozen veggies instead of canned, you’re lowering sodium in your recipe (also a good idea because of the BPA found in many canned goods.)

This recipe basically has 5 easy steps.

1. The browning: turkey and onion.

2 The dumping: this is the good stuff (tomato sauce, black beans, corn, chiles, carrot)

3. More dumping: the spices (chili powder, cumin, garlic, oregano, crushed red pepper)

4. The layering: Layer filling, tortillas, cheese, filling, tortillas, cheese, …you get the idea.

5. The baking: Bake at 350º long enough to heat through and melt the cheese, about 15 minutes.

I was a little short on tomato sauce, and the edges were a bit crisp (you can see it in the photo), but I quite liked them that way. In recipes like this, the tortillas tend to get really soggy, and these weren’t at all.

And there you have it! It’s as simple as that. You end up with a really affordable, flavorful meal that doesn’t have any “shady” artificial ingredients. Lots of fiber, lots of protein, lots of veggies, and very little fat or sodium: You can’t find that in many Mexican restaurants! And, you can personalize it to fit your tastes and dietary preferences, just like I did. A great option for those nights when leafy greens just don’t seem substantial enough (this one is a sure husband-pleaser.) 

I’m thrilled to have a new recipe to add to my Favorites Collection.

A buck well spent! (…if I’d actually paid anything for it, that is.) Next up, the Garlic Lime Fajitas!


Have you tried McCormick Recipe Inspirations? Did you find them as “inspirational” as I did?

What are some of your favorite recipe substitutions?


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