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I’m changing my name…

…to Mrs. 240Sweet Marshmallow.

Because if you love something this much, you really should just marry it.

(Don’t tell my former husband…) :)

I found 240Sweet through Eversave, and the shipment of marshmallows I received had me floating a few inches above the ground for days!

About 240Sweet:

240Sweet is a division of Lemleys’ Catering, an Indiana-based catering business with over 40 years of experience, and they make one mean marshmallow.

Chef Alexa, the talent behind 240Sweet’s puffs, is a true artisan. The puffs (over 70 different flavors!) are handcrafted in small batches with local, all natural and organic ingredients. The selection is always changing, and includes everything from Vanilla Bean and Elephant Ear to exotic flavors like Bacon, Maple and Toffee, Saffron Pistachio, Sweet Tea, PB&J….I could go on all day.

A few photos of the puffs we’ve tried might give you an idea of why I’m still swooning…

(My apologies to the pack of Elephant Ear puffs that did not last long enough to be photographed :oops: Cinnamon-toasty nom nom nom…)

The praline puff is crusted with handmade brown sugar pralines. My husband's favorite!

Behold the Chocolate Chocolate Chip Puff. (I would call this the MotherPuff.) The aroma of chocolate fills your senses before you even take a bite. If you're a true chocoholic, it's intoxicating.

Just look at the texture! Nothing sticky here. Just pure soft, fluffy, puffiness. I'd sleep on them if I could!

The one question people have been raising when I tell them about 240Sweet? The price.The Caramel Swirl puffs aren’t the only ones that are a bit salty, if you know what I mean.

But I ask this: What are you comparing them to? Those grocery store marshmallows that cost $1.00 a bag? Let me assure you, there is no comparison. This is an entirely different product. And each bag is around the price of having a dessert in a restaurant, or going out for ice creamand my puffs lasted longer than either of those would have.

It’s the curse of being discerning about your food. When you’re avoiding artificial ingredients and mass production, sometimes the cost does go up a little. But you know what you’re getting is real, and you can feel good about eating it (just don’t feel too good too often – they are marshmallows, after all :) )

I mean, really, when was the last time you just sat and experienced on of those dime-a-dozen grocery store marshmallows?

Another plus: The packaging is minimal and locally sourced. Bonus!!

And while you could sandwich them between grahams or toss one in your cocoa, one lone marshmallow is enough for a satisfying, decadent dessert all on its own. (If you’re willing, they are plenty big enough to cut in half and share.)

I couldn't decide if I should eat this one, or just rub it on my cheek. They're SO soft!

Gourmet marshmallows are not something I plan to keep in my house on a regular basis (They’re just too tempting, and my son doesn’t eat sugar yet), but I may indulge in another shipment around the holidays. They’ll make such a unique gift for some of the foodies on my list!

So, the next time you want to treat yourself to something a little bit different – and a LOT extraordinary –order yourself a few packs of puffs from 240Sweet.

And then try to keep your feet on the ground. ;)


Follow @240Sweet on Twitter for contests, trivia and more. You just might win some marshmallows!

Disclosure: Chef Alexa heard my marshmallowless cries, and sent me a complimentary March Marshmallow of the Month shipment for review purposes. I will be forever grateful :) but was under no obligation to provide a positive review of the product, nor did I receive any compensation for my review.


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You’re invited to a Twitter Party with Eversave!

Twitter party alert!!

I just had to take a moment to tell you about a Twitter event that’s coming up this Friday!

It’s the best kind of party, and you’re invited! Join in the fun on Friday, February 11th from 2-3 pm EST for a party hosted by @Eversave. The best part? There’s no need to worry about babysitters, high heels, or even brushing your hair (uh, who me?)

Plus, the Valentine’s Day theme will help get you in the mood. ;)

We’ll be chatting about bargains, sales, and our passion for deal hunting with Eversave.

Do you know about Eversave? It’s a great site featuring daily deals at up to 90% off.  I’ve shopped there many times and the “saves” I’ve gotten have saved me tons of money! Just today I ordered some artisan-quality, handmade organic marshmallows from 240Sweet for FREE! Necessity? Their exquisite little puffs are just dreeeeamy! And I’m wearing my favorite organic t-shirt as I type this…also from Eversave. They also offer deals on art, baby products, toys, jewelry…you name it! (And natural and organic products are offered regularly. Woot! :D )

To attend the party on Friday, join in the conversation at #EversaveVday and make sure to check in with the host, @BreeBees for more details during the party. R.S.V.P for a special prize HERE.

If you have any questions about Eversave, please feel free to drop me an email! I’m an affiliate, so I’m happy to help you save!

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