2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Baby’s First Shoes! (Pediped Giveaway 12/10)


9 months? When did THAT happen? And she’s “traveling” now, which means the days are numbered until the full-on walking begins. Somebody hold me.

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Baby Blanket Music

Whether I’m facing a freaking-out 4-year-old or a fussy teething baby, there’s one mom tool I always go to first: MUSIC. My kids love music. That makes me happier than I can tell you, but it sometimes poses a challenge. What do we listen to? I don’t like to let them listen to the radio,… [read more]

Holiday Gift Guide: Super Simple Songs DVD {Review and Giveaway}

Super Simple Songs DVD

I have a new secret weapon in my bag of mom tricks: Volume 1 of the Super Simple Songs Video Collection.

2013 Holiday Gift Guide Terms and Details

2013 Holiday Gift Guide Terms and Details Due to the number of inquiries I’ve received about inclusion in my Holiday Gift Guide, I’ve compiled all the details in one place. Handy, right? Read on to see if you think this might be the perfect place to feature your product.

Coming Soon: 2013 Holiday Gift Guide @ABCGP

Holiday Gift Guide

  October 1st. The first day of October. Not September anymore. You know what that means, right?