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Wordless Wednesday: All in a day’s work


I used to put on heels every day to sell groceries. Now I grow things and clear ditches with tools like this. I think I need new shoes.

Wordless Wednesday: Am I the only mom who does this?


 I can’t stop comparing photos! (Please tell me you do it, too.) So, what do you think? Do they look alike at 5 months old? …and a favorite from the 4th of July. When I named him Finn, I had hoped he’d be a river boy like Daddy. I definitely got my wish!

Wordless Wednesday: New Babies!


Last week, it was honeybees. This week? Praying manti! Ma Nature is getting crazy up in here lately! And we have FOUR more nests to hatch! Oh dear. (But aren’t they cute?) I don’t think I’m a city girl anymore…

Wordless Wednesday: Honeybees!


This is a photo of my parents’ new willow tree. But, if you look closely, there’s something else there.. It’s a swarm of honeybees! There was a time when the sight of them would have scared me out of the yard. But now that the health of some bees is in jeopardy, I’m just really… [read more]

Disney, I owe you one.


Dear Disney, On behalf of moms, wives and girlfriends everywhere, I thank you. Because I will be asked to watch these movies. And when I act like I’m doing my husband a favor by sitting through them, I’ll be earning points to cash in later. Little does he know… #swoon #leadingmen Thanks for providing exciting entertainment… [read more]