Gender Reveal! We’re having a…


Surprise! I really, really thought we were having another boy. Maybe I just didn’t want to admit that I would love to have one of each. Either way, doc says everything is looking good, measuring as it should, and baby looks healthy, which really is the most important part. OMG! That’s my DAUGHTER!

My Pregnancy Journal: 18 weeks

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Welcome to the latest installment of My Pregnancy Journal!  How far along: 18 weeks (give or take a day. Going forward, I’m going to round to the nearest week for the sake of this journal…) Fun facts about Week 18: According to, baby is about the size of a sweet potato. Baby is yawning,… [read more]

When Seasons Change Blog Hop: $25 Sweet Pea Maternity Giveaway!


Welcome to the When Seasons Change blog hop and giveaway event! (sponsored by And The Little Ones Too and Taking Time for Mommy.) We all go through our seasons, and the transition into motherhood is certainly a season of change. You’ll have to handle most of those changes with learning, patience and experience, but there’s one… [read more]

My Pregnancy Journal: Week 15

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Well, I guess I’ve procrastinated long enough.  I’ve decided to join in a weekly Pregnancy Journal!   I might be irregular in posting for a week or two until I get on a better schedule, so please bear with me! How Far Along: 15 weeks, 5 days Due Date: February 24, 2013 (although my cycles are long,… [read more]

Our Fall Haul from Cookie’s Kids: Kids’ Fashion for Less! #CookieKids #CBias


I usually dread the end of summer. This year is a different story. Being pregnant and miserable in the summer heat has me welcoming fall with open arms! I really do like the feel of fall (it’s the winter I dread!) The pumpkins, the crunchy leaves, long runs in the cool air. It’s a great… [read more]