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Lacing up: New Health and Fitness Goals

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Disclosure: This post contains a sponsored link. Hey, I forgot to mention…I’ve started running again! 

Wordless Wednesday: Another Snow Day


What do you do when you’re snowed in again with a three-year-old? Whatever you can.         Do you see it? His name is in there…somewhere!

Childhood Movie Obsession? Use It, Busy Mamas!


Before I had kids, I had some pretty specific ideas on how I would handle the television. We didn’t even have cable for quite a while, and I always promised myself that I’d be the mom that only allowed educational TV, and only in small doses. But now? Now I laugh at that mom.

Gift Giving: The Right Flowers for the Right Occasions


Wow. What a day. Yesterday, my day started off with a lost debit card and a flat tire, 30 miles from home. My lunch ended up sitting in my car for too long as I waited for help, so when I stopped to replace it, I treated myself to some flowers for my desk. And… [read more]

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Every once in a while, I stop and think about how little I actually see my friends. With a busy career and building a family, life is just downright chaotic right now. I know, personal relationships are important, and they will become more of a priority before long, but right now…it makes me a little… [read more]