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A short note.

Hi, all.

I’m heading back to work today. Maternity leave is over. Sad, sad panda.

Today is also Elliette’s 3-month birthday, but I just didn’t have the words last night. I’ll post soon.

For now, there are decisions to be made.


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Wordless Wednesday: The Beauty Around Me

Most days, it’s so easy to miss.

I’m feeling very thankful to be on maternity leave for these first days of spring…this is the first year in a very long time that I’ve been able to dedicate a few moments to watching the beauty unfold around me.

We even invited some of it inside – these pretty pussy willows we found growing in our yard!


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Lacing up: New Health and Fitness Goals

Disclosure: This post contains a sponsored link.

Hey, I forgot to mention…I’ve started running again!  Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Another Snow Day

What do you do when you’re snowed in again with a three-year-old?

Whatever you can.





Do you see it? His name is in there…somewhere!


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Childhood Movie Obsession? Use It, Busy Mamas!

Before I had kids, I had some pretty specific ideas on how I would handle the television. We didn’t even have cable for quite a while, and I always promised myself that I’d be the mom that only allowed educational TV, and only in small doses.

But now? Now I laugh at that mom.

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