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Tea Collection Semi-Annual Sale: Dresses Under $20!

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Just passing through with a quick note, because this couldn’t wait!

Tea Collection is a great place to find clothes for all ages. Starting today, find dresses under $20 at Tea Collection! Select styles, while supplies last. Tea Collection only has these major sales twice each year, so THIS is time when you want to be shopping. I’m stocking up on bigger sizes while I can get them, because Tea never goes out of style!

Happy Shopping!

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Snack On, Snackers! Goodies Co. Monthly Snack Delivery Service

Many thanks to Walmart Labs for sponsoring today’s discussion.
Are you a snacker like me? Read on, my friend…

A few weeks ago, my son and I went grocery shopping and snacks were on our list. We had this conversation in the natural and organic aisle:

Him:  “Mommy! Look! I want those dog crackers!”
Me:  “Dog crackers? (Checking out the box, I noticed they were cheddar crackers with broccoli in them, and each was stamped with an animal face.) Oh, those ones with the picture of the dog on the box? Oh, I don’t know, honey. Those are four dollars and they don’t look very good.”
Him: “But I love cheese! And I reeeeally love broccoli! Oh please ohpleaseohpleaseohplease!!”
Him, ten minutes later in the car: “Mommy, these crackers smell funny. I think I won’t eat them.” Continue reading


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I’m Going Nude This Summer With Rimmel Products #RimmelRealBeauty #Cbias

As part of the Collective Bias@ Social Fabric® community, I was challenged to create natural looks for summer using Rimmel Makeup from WalMart. I was compensated for featuring this summer makeup trend.

Ugh. A lot of my posts start with “Ugh” lately. I need to do something about that. But ever since I left my job and started staying home with my babes, “Ugh” is what I think every time I look in the mirror. I’m in serious need of some Mom intervention.  Continue reading


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On Loving the Season You’re In.

Sometimes I feel really in sync with my kids. It doesn’t happen every day, but sometimes it’s like they really, really know that I need something and they just come through for me in a big way.

Like today. Elliette slept all night last night, and then she took a long nap this afternoon while I worked in the kitchen. My husband took my son for a nap ride, so I had a couple of hours to myself, baby girl sound asleep and swinging next to me, to enjoy a little kitchen therapy. Not just cooking, exactly, but the careful practice of working through the things in my kitchen. Using my fresh ingredients, planning meals for the week. Making things we love out of things that would otherwise be thrown out. It’s an art, really – the art of homemaking. Being a homemaker. I’ve always been pretty good at it, but I’ve not always been able to put it into practice. Especially these past several years, as my career took off a little and I found myself borrowing from one important part of my life to pay off the other. 

It’s the beginning of the growing season for us, and that usually starts off with 2 things: spinach and rhubarb. I get so excited to see them that I nearly forget each year that I’m not that crazy about either spinach or rhubarb. I’m just so damned happy to see them, and they serve as such a wonderful sign of things to come, that I don’t even care. In early spring, it’s not so much about having what you love, but loving what you have. So today I loved spinach and rhubarb. I stuffed as much spinach as humanly possible into a huge pan of ricotta shells (along with some parsley I bought from a local farmer) and I boiled the rhubarb into syrup for spritzers and ice cream. The remaining pulp will make great breakfasts slathered on toast, and watching my son eat it will be even better than eating it myself. For Finn’s lunch tomorrow, I  boiled our older eggs instead of throwing them out. I’ve been meaning to do that for months with the eggs we don’t get to, but I never have time. For months, I haven’t had time to boil eggs. What the hell does that say about my life? Continue reading

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Invisalign: The Clear Choice for Clear Braces

A weird thing happens during those tween years – you start to want what your friends have. But that goes beyond toys, clothes, CDs and such…I remember wanting glasses, braces, (my period, even!) just because my friends had them. I have a very distinct memory of going to the dentist office around 11 years old and having the dentist tell my dad he thought I would need braces for my overbite.

“She’s not going to be a model. She’ll be fine.” Thanks, Dad. Nothing like a little MORE insecurity to kick off 7th grade…

And I never did get braces. That “metal mouth” coolness eluded me, and even though my friends told me I was lucky to be able to eat popcorn and not have to worry about shooting rubber bands across the lunchroom, I still felt a little left out.

But seriously, even though my teeth really are very straight, I still have that overbite. My dentist has told me that it could lead to damage since my teeth could wear down and weaken, so I’m at the point where I’m considering doing something about it. But at 39 years old, you’d better believe I’m not coveting a mouth full of metal anymore. So, when I was asked to explore Invisalign clear braces for this post, I jumped at the chance.

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