On Weaning: Mothering Without the Breast


My son went to bed tonight with a headache. I know he’s really not feeling well because he fell asleep on the floor with his head resting on the pad we use to change his sister’s diapers. He didn’t have dinner or a popsicle. (He never skips a popsicle.) He woke up briefly a few… [read more]

Out and About: Better #Babywearing with our lillebaby® COMPLETE™


I had a carrier for my first child, and I knew the benefits of babywearing but I really never did it. Maybe it was because my husband and I fought over who got to hold him all the time, or maybe we were just intimidated by our baby carrier, with all its straps and buckles…. [read more]

Wordless Wednesday: The challenges of this new life


Life is different now. Every day, I make a list. At the end of every day, I find myself frustrated by all the things left on it. I’m failing. Work is piling up. Mail is piling up. Emails need to be answered. And the vegetables don’t wait. As I stand by my sink, snipping the… [read more]

The First Years® Breastflow® Memory Pump – On Sale at Target Now!

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In honor of National Breastfeeding Month, I’d like to share some info I was given about a great breastpump that is on sale at Target now – The First Years® Breastflow® Memory Pump.  For the sake of disclosure, I will clarify that I have not used this particular pump, but I think the data storage… [read more]

MommyCon Philly 2013: A Recap

Screen shot 2013-08-12 at 10.54.02 PM

Are you following me yet on Instagram? If so, you probably saw a few pics from MommyCon last Sunday. If not, well head over there and do it now! (I’m wendykate99 and I’ll follow you back!) So, MommyCon. How fun, right? There really was no question that I’d love the event. Babywearing, cloth diapering, my… [read more]