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2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Naturepedic Crib & Toddler Mattress {Giveaway Ends 12/10}

babyphotoLooking for a truly special gift for your little one, or maybe for your favorite parents-to-be? Give them the gift of safe, peaceful sleep with a Naturepedic organic cotton crib and toddler mattress! Continue reading


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The Easiest Way to Kill Fruit Flies (without chemicals)

I can’t be the only one who gets bugged by pesky fruit flies, right? When you have lots of fruits and veggies around the kitchen, it kind of comes with the territory. Continue reading


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The Next Step in Safe Sleep: Naturepedic Organic Cotton Twin Mattress


Hey, I know you.

You’re that mom who saw those 2 little pink lines and wanted to change the whole world. It started small, with a healthy diet and more exercise. Maybe you stopped wearing perfume and using harsh cleaning products. Then you started changing everything from your beauty products to the containers you store your food in. By the time your baby arrived, you wanted nothing more than to wrap them in the cleanest little bubble you could find and keep them there forever.

I recognize you because your story is so much like mine. As moms, we only want the best for our babies, and that desire to make their little worlds perfect can really take over. In my case, I eventually realized that the pursuit of perfection and that unattainable “purity” just isn’t possible. So, we prioritize.

When we were planning for our first child, I made exceptions on some things, but the one baby purchase I absolutely wouldn’t budge on was our crib mattress. It was the one place my baby would be spending the most time, and the one product they’d be putting their face on for hours. I did my research on natural, organic options, and there was no choice for us but Naturepedic. Continue reading


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On Nature, Gifts and Gratitude #PowerofthePeanut

Did you hear what Mr. Peanut said? “Harnessing the power of the peanut is about accepting the gifts that nature gives us.”  Continue reading


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New Website: launches today! (Free gift with sign-up!)

As you know, my family purchased our dream property about 2 years ago. We had plans on planting, growing and eventually truly farming our land, so our 6-acre lot really is perfect for us.

The house, on the other hand…well, it needs some work.

At the moment, one bathroom is stripped down to the wall studs, the other has black and green carpet ON THE WALLS and the kids are sharing a tiny room until we can remodel our entire attic. And that’s just the beginning…

This house is a project, to say the least.

And that’s why my interest was piqued when I heard about

What’s Porch? Well, here’s what the folks behind the site have to say: Continue reading

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