Invisalign: The Clear Choice for Clear Braces


A weird thing happens during those tween years – you start to want what your friends have. But that goes beyond toys, clothes, CDs and such…I remember wanting glasses, braces, (my period, even!) just because my friends had them. I have a very distinct memory of going to the dentist office around 11 years old…

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Silk Fruit & Protein: A new way to shake up my wake up.


   Eggs. Yogurt. Grilled chicken breast.  They were my best friends when I was pregnant. Every day, all the time. All I wanted was a donut, but with gestational diabetes, I had to keep it high-protein, low sugar, and those types of foods really did a great job of keeping my weight gain low, my…

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That Time My Husband Was Right (featuring Crane Humidifiers)


My husband’s been telling me for a while that we need to run a humidifier. He was all, “Hey, we need a humidifier” and I was all, “Yeah, whatever.” And then I got pregnant and completely freaked out at the thought of a stuffy nose (seriously – congestion sparked panic attacks that would. not. quit.)…

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