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You’re Invited to a #BabyKicks Twitter Party! 9/25 9pm EST

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MommyCon Philly 2013: A Recap

Are you following me yet on Instagram?

If so, you probably saw a few pics from MommyCon last Sunday. If not, well head over there and do it now! (I’m wendykate99 and I’ll follow you back!)

So, MommyCon. How fun, right? There really was no question that I’d love the event. Babywearing, cloth diapering, my online idols all in one place. It was even pretty close to me – just a few hours away in Philly. Easy day trip.

Screen shot 2013-08-12 at 10.54.02 PM

And I didn’t have to go alone! For a minute I thought it would just be me and my baby girl making the trek to Philly, but then Emily from Mama Days got her hands on a ticket and we picked her up on the way. I’m so glad because I think it was much more fun as a trio! Continue reading


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Save the Date! @BabyKicksUSA #ClothDiapers Twitter Party 7/31 #BabyKicksPrints

BabyKicks recently welcomed 3 new prints and we want you to help us celebrate! Join The Inquisitive Mom and BabyKicks for The #BabyKicks Twitter Party on July 31st!

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Guest Post: Summer Diapering {and BabyKicks Beach Bash Giveaway!}


This post is part of the BabyKicks Beach Bash ’13 in celebration of the NEW BabyKicks limited edition prints (Baby Safari and Outfoxed) and swim diaper (Anchors Away)!

The swim diaper is available in sizes S–XL  to ensure a perfectly snug fit on your little one’s bum.

As part of the celebration, the BabyKicks Ambassadors have gotten together to bring you some informational cloth diapering posts filled with tips, tricks and information to help you diaper during the summer months. I’m hosting a guest post by blogger, BabyKicks Ambassador  and long-time cloth diaper veteran Lisa from Read It Again Mama. If you’ve ever questioned using cloth in the hot summer months, Lisa has the answers you need!

Summer Diapering

There are many reasons that families may choose to cloth diaper – environmental concerns, to save money, or even just the cute & cozy factor.  Cloth diapers are so soft and supple, really no matter what type of cloth diapers you choose.  This very reason for choosing to cloth diaper can become a concern during the hot summer months.  Some families are concerned that baby will become overheated in a cloth diaper and are tempted to switch to disposables.  I am here to dispel that myth and share with you how you can keep your baby comfortable during the hot months in their cloth.  I’m not saying you have to have separate seasons of cloth diapers (ha!), but there are definitely ways to keep baby more comfortable using what you already have.

The key to diapering in the heat is breathability. Diapers are made from synthetic (polyester) materials or natural materials, often times both.  Synthetic materials include suedecloth, microfiber, microterry and polyester fleece.  Synthetic materials have their advantages, but they are not breathable.  Natural materials include cotton, hemp, & bamboo and are breathable.

One diaper company that focuses on using natural/organic materials is BabyKicks.  Their Premium Pocket Diaper has a PUL outer, but a super soft bamboo velour inner.  A great feature of the Premium Pocket is what Babykicks calls “air gussets”.   These are fleece leg gussets that allow for airflow, breathability and temperature regulation throughout the diaper.  Fleece is a great material that is known for containing leaks and blowouts as well.  I have been using this diaper on my daughter (currently 13 months) for a few months now and have never experience a leak, blowout or red marks.


The insert in the Premium Pocket is BabyKicks’ popular product, JoeyBunz.  The onesize JoeyBunz is made of six layers of hemp/organic cotton jersey and is both trim and absorbent.  If you haven’t used hemp products in diapering, I encourage you to try them.  According to Natural Life Magazine, “(h)emp’s fiber molecule has a shaft-like structure that allows it to wick moisture off the body… and dry quickly and keep the wearer cool, comfortable and fresh, even in very hot and/or humid conditions” (

Another option for summertime cloth diapering is to use fitteds and/or prefolds without a cover.  This would be more difficult if your baby is in daycare or if you are out of the house, but if you are staying home (and out of the heat!), it is very easy to use fitteds and prefolds without a cover. BabyKicks makes an organic cotton fitted that has a pocket and includes a one-size JoeyBunz insert.


I use this diaper on my daughter all the time without a cover.  The key is just to be cognizant of when baby wets so you can change her promptly.  The BabyKicks hemp fleece prefolds are amazing as well.  They are made of 2-3-2 layers of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton.  They are seriously luxurious and absorbent.


You really don’t need to worry about using cloth diapers in the summer heat.  As I’ve shown, there are options out there to keep baby cool and comfortable in their cloth all summer long.  But even if you choose to use diapers with synthetic materials (for example, a pocket diaper with a PUL outer and a suedecloth inner, stuffed with a microfiber insert), your baby is still no warmer than if you used a disposable.  There was a study published that investigated the effect of commonly used diaper types on scrotal temperatures on normal, healthy young boys.  This study showed that “scrotal temperatures are the same whether the child is wearing disposable or reusable cloth diapers with a protective cover.”  In fact, “the only situation in which scrotal temperature were found to be lower is when the cloth diaper is used alone without a protective cover…”. (

In other words, a disposable diaper is in no way cooler than cloth!

Big thanks to Lisa for sharing her expertise and inspiring us all to stick with cloth year round. And now, you can do just that with the new diaper prints and swim diapers from the folks at BabyKicks…they’re available to the public TODAY! 

Don’t miss the Rafflecopter form below where you can enter to win a limited edition BabyKicks Summer Bundle of your own. Good luck!


Disclosure: I’m bringing you this event as part of the BabyKicks Ambassadors Team. I use BabyKicks on my kids, and I hope you’ll try them, too!

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Exciting News for #Green Moms! Easier Shopping with the #JackBeNaturalApp

Life isn’t always easy with two tiny children, and that’s why I do a lot of my shopping online these days. It’s so much easier than trying to wrangle them both in the store, and quite often, online shopping saves me a lot of money. I especially love it when I find a new retailer that carries natural baby (and family) products at fair and affordable prices, like Jack Be Natural! And now, shopping with Jack Be Natural is about to get a whole lot better with the new #JackBeNaturalApp!

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