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Preschool Handprint Craft: Bunch of Carrots (Great for Easter!)

Easter is just around the corner, and we’re up to our elbows in fun Easter crafts!

And when I say elbows, I mean elbows. 

A fun Easter handprint craft for preschoolers. Make a bunch of carrots using your child's whole arm!

I wanted a craft for the kids that said “Easter” in a way that would really fit our family. So, as usual, veggies win! We took the standard handprint craft idea one step further and made ARMprint carrots! A whole bunch of them to give to the grandparents on Sunday.

A fun handprint craft that uses your child's whole arm! A bunch of carrots, perfect for Easter.

They’re pretty self-explanatory, and I think they got better as we practiced. (This photo was our first attempt.) I think it’s really cute that we can not only look back at how little the kids’ hands were, but their whole arms, too! :) Silly, maybe. But fun.

Light lines with a Sharpie gave the carrots some definition, and a few raffia scraps tie through slits in the paper put the finishing touches on our carrot bouquet.

A fun handprint craft for preschoolers that uses their whole arm! A bunch of carrots, perfect for Easter.


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A fun handprint craft for preschoolers that uses their whole arm! A cute bunch of carrots, perfect for Easter.


Happy Easter, everyone!



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10 Creative Ways to Use Peeps #Peepsonality

This post about Easter crafts featuring Peeps was brought to you by…Peeps! I received samples to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.


You might be surprised to see Peeps popping up here on my page. Yes, we’re a dye-free household, but there’s no denying that some foods – especially seasonal ones – can have tons of nostalgic value. Nothing reminds me of my Dad and my childhood Easter celebrations more than a pack of brightly colored marshmallow Peeps, and honestly it just wouldn’t be Easter without them! So, what do we do? We get crafty!

Peeps Crafts Easter #Peepsonality

Continue reading


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Macaroni Lace Hearts (and embracing the imperfect craft)

As any mom of a preschooler knows, craft hour can save the day.

And, as any mom of a preschooler also knows, the less you spend on crafts, the more you can spend at the wine store on groceries. Continue reading


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Easy Felt Food Tutorial: Bow Tie Pasta

What’s cool among the 11-month-old crowd? Snacks, milk, naps…all good stuff. But if you ask my little girl, she’ll tell you: It’s all about the wooden kitchen.

She will knock around in that kitchen with her brother or by herself for what seems like hours. We have pots, pans, plates, a toaster…but what we’re really missing is the food. We have some felt food, but a bigger variety would definitely make playtime more fun. So I’m putting my grandmother’s old box of felt and sewing box to use for baby girl’s upcoming birthday! Handmade, FTW!

We’re starting with bow-ties! (Or, as we call them, felt farfalle!) Continue reading


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Burlap-wrapped Seed Packet Valentines

Looking for a special gift for your sweet pea? Forget the candy hearts… I’ve got the perfect Valentine’s Day craft: a simple seed packet wrapped in an easy burlap envelope. With no candy, no food dyes, and a budget-friendly price tag, there’s no better way to say “I dig you!” to your favorite garden lover! Continue reading


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