A Post for the Mom-to-be: You down with ol’ PP? @Motherloveherb


Back in my college days, when I fancied myself a bit of a poet, I’d spend my time between classes writing under a campus tree, and subtle alliteration was one of my favorite tools. Times have changed. These days, the closest I get to poetic inspiration is when I say things like “prenatal and postpartum… [read more]

Wanna be a hot, healthy mama? Try Knocked-Up Fitness {DVD Review}

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So, if you’ve been following my Pregnancy Journals at all, you’ll know that I was still running until about 28 weeks into my pregnancy. Yeah, well, that’s is not happening any more. At all.  In fact, I’m having a little trouble even getting around with my back pain and nearly constant Braxton-Hicks contractions. But WOW, do… [read more]

Copy Kids Really DO Eat Fruits and Vegetables! DVD Giveaway {Ends 2/10}

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Since the day I got that first pink line, my goal was to make sure my child was familiar with lots of different fruits and vegetables. I loved them as a kid, and I had high hopes that he would, too. And he always has. So, imagine my surprise the other night when he looked… [read more]

PAIGELAUREN BABY: Comfortable baby fashion for the holidays…and every day!

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I can’t believe it. In 12 weeks, I’ll have a baby girl. I’ve been so, so, so busy lately that I am barely prepared for this baby, but you always pull it together in time, right? I hope so. There’s not a whole lot that we need, but I did realize recently that we should… [read more]

Oompa Toys: Automoblox Review and Giveaway {Ends 12/10}

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Not long ago, my very favorite little boy in the whole world celebrated his 3rd birthday!  It just so happened that on that very special day, we received a very special package in the mail from Oompa Toys. It was good news for the birthday boy, but not such good news for all the other toys… [read more]