I’m a Guest Blogger: Check it out!

Hi, everyone! Today, I’m a guest blogger over at The Cloth Diaper Whisperer! I’m sharing my story about an important reusable product for new mommies…Check out my post here! Happy Tuesday!

Clean Apple Slaw

It may be late summer, but the potluck get-togethers are still going strong (my husband has a BIG family…) So, again, I was stumped as to what to bring…but only until I picked up the Sept/Oct issue of  Clean Eating Magazine, my latest favorite reading material! Clean Eating is a wealth of simple, fresh recipes you… [read more]

What’s On Your DVR?

I’m glad you can’t see my fingernails, or you’d know how stressed out I’ve been. It ain’t pretty. But, I’ve decided not to bore you with all the details quite yet. There’s just a whole lot of  home, work, and family craziness going on– some expected, some not–and the cherry on top was our yard… [read more]

CSN Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to comment #31! Channyn is my $50 CSN gift certificate winner! Happy shopping, Channyn! A few more giveaways are in the works, so keep checking in!

Easy English Summer Pudding

Three factors went into the creation of this super easy English Summer Pudding. I was a greedy cherry monster. I saw fresh cherries for $.99/lb at my local grocery, and I went a little nuts. There is no way I could go through 7 pounds before they turned, so half went into the freezer, a… [read more]