Blogmania 2011: Join Me!

Entering, winning (!) and getting to know some great new companies during Blogmania 2010 was SO much fun, I applied to be part of the Dream Team for 2011, and I’m in! I’m super excited, and I’d love for you to join, too! Interested? Contact me for details!  

An Unexpected Keepsake

Little Man has always been a curious little one, but by the time he hit 6 months or so, he was so easily distracted that nursing was becoming difficult. I knew he wanted to nurse, and needed to nurse, but one casual comment, ring of the phone, or glimpse of a toy would cause him… [read more]

A Few of My Favorite Things…

At the prompting of  There’s No Snakes in New Zealand , and in an effort to do what I can to provide just a little help to all the new moms out there (I can’t believe I’m not one of them anymore!!), here is a list of my favorite baby (or baby-related) items so far!… [read more]

I’m tempted to call this Almost Compost Stew…

Look out….I’m feeling kinda full of myself right now.  Why? Well, partly because my every color of the rainbow found it’s way into my son’s belly today, and that makes me a happy mom 😀 But I’m also feeling very proud of myself because I used up the vegetables cluttering my counter and fridge. It’s no… [read more]

Wordless Wednesday: My Healthy Hydration Favorites