On Challenges Beyond the Diaper Pail

Notice anything new? (Hint: Check out my sidebar!) Yup! I have a new button! I won it, courtesy of MommyDoodles, at The Eco Chic’s BloGIVErsary celebration Twitter party! Getting a new button, along with getting linked up with the Blogmania 2011 Dream Team, has really sparked a lot of curiosity in me. Being hosted through… [read more]

Mommy and Me Recipe: Fall Veggie Crisp

Since returning to work full-time, I’ve learned one thing for sure: Anything I can do on the weekend to help myself out during the week makes me my own best friend when workdays kick my butt. So, Sunday has become the day to cook! Today, I made this yumminess with some of the last garden… [read more]

A Birthday Wish, and Looking Ahead Together…

First order of business for the day:  A Big Fat HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my husbo!  Yup, it’s my man’s big day! Unfortunately, we’ve had some expenses recently (perhaps you heard me mention on FB or Twitter that my ceiling began to cave in during our recent monsoon?), and we’re looking to buy a new house… [read more]

Wordless Wednesday: First Night Away From Home!

Mother Earth News Fair: Food

Ever since we booked our tickets to the Mother Earth News Fair, I’ve been dreaming about food. Natural food, organic food, interesting food, locally grown food, vegetarian food, vegan food, sustainable food, healthy food…you name it. I was ready. This past week, I even set aside a little extra money to bring some food back… [read more]