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aboutuspic Welcome.

Hi. I’m Wendy, and I’ve been all kinds of things. A cake decorator, a health writer, a grocery marketer – but one job trumps them all: motherhood.

Biggest. Challenge. Ever. (If you wear the “Mom” hat, too, you know exactly what I mean.)

I believe that no matter how we choose to parent, all moms need “yes” moments – those little victories and virtual high-fives that get them through the day – and ABCs and Garden Peas is where I do my best to provide them.

Like providing a better-for-you recipe that makes you say, “Ooh, I’m going to make that!”

…or a green household tip that makes you think, “Hey, good idea!”

…or even just a moment that makes you feel like you’ve got someone on your team.

If those things happen, my job is done. Please stop by often for recipes, tips, ideas and stories from a mom who went from corporate cubicles to cribs and Caillou (and had no idea what she was getting herself into.)


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*I am not a doctor and have no medical experience. Any advice, tips, etc. found on this blog are the result of many years in the food service industry, college nutrition classes, several years as a Health and Wellness writer, and an interest in health topics. Please consult your health care provider or a registered dietitian with specific questions.