A Little About My Cray Side with Ancestry.com #surnameproject

Thanks to Ancestry.com for sponsoring today’s post and helping me create a family tree!

A funny thing has been happening to my last name lately. Have you seen it? (The t-shirt is from Kohl’s.)

I'm taking back my last name, and Ancestry.com is helping. Get your free trial membership and find out your name's meaning. #surnameproject #ad

Yup, my last name is Cray. Well, my maiden name, but I still use it much of the time. I always heard  the crayfish jokes and I got called Crayola Crayon a lot. It never bothered me too much. I was always bothered more by my first name. (“Hey Wendy! Where’s the beef!?” was pretty embarrassing as a kid.) But this cray-cray thing? I’m just baffled. It’s kind of fun finding my name on things, but I’m really just not sure about the connotation.

Plus, I would never say cray-cray. It’s just annoying. 

So, in light of the offer I received from Ancestry.com to start a free trial membership and start learning about the true origin and meaning of my last name, I’ve decided to take back Cray!

Within my first five minutes on the site, I did a quick search for the history of my surname and got all kinds of fun info, including access to a forum where other Crays posted messages about their own family searches. But most importantly? I got a TRUE meaning:

What does your last name mean? Find out in minutes with a FREE trial membership at Ancestry.com! #surnameproject #ad

See? NOTHING in there about the crazy. 

When I started my free trial at Ancestry.com, I thought, Ooh fun! I’ll check out what my name means! But then, once I started nosing around, I found out so much more about the services they offer, like other last name facts and help building a family tree.

Ancestry is the world’s largest online resource for family history. As a company, they strive to fill the fundamental desire people have to understand who they are and where they came from. With a unique collection of billions of historical records, including handwritten historical documents and state and local government archives, Ancestry is the perfect place to learn fun and interesting facts about your family’s tree. ~ Ancestry.com

And there’s really nothing that can spark an interest in genealogy more than looking into the face of your family’s future and seeing a bit of its history looking back at you. (Here’s a photo of me and one of my son, both age 4)

When you look at your family's future, do you ever see the past? Visit Ancestry.com and find out more for FREE! #surnameproject #ad

I know some things about the Cray side of my family, but I definitely want to know more, and I know Ancestry.com can help me. Plus, it’s totally FREE! While I’m researching family connections (I think I may have already found one in the forum!) I’ll also be hitting up family members for old photos.

Something about old war photos gets me every time. I only have a few of my Dad, and I’d love to find some of my grandfather, too.

How well do you know those who share your name? Find out more about your family's history with a FREE trial membership from Ancestry.com #surnameproject #ad

I’m thinking of having any photos I find copied to use as holiday gifts, and there’s got to be some potential for a family tree art project in here somewhere, don’t you think?  I can’t wait to do a little more digging…

I’ll check back in a week or so to report on what I find. Until then, get your own free trial membership at Ancestry.com! 

Do you know the origin or meaning of your last name? Please share!

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