Why wash more dishes than you have to? Tribest Personal Mason Jar Blender @TribestLife

This post about mason jar blenders was brought to you by Tribest, who provided a sample product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

Tribest Personal Mason Jar Blender

Things I have: a beautiful day, some kid-free time, a home office view that can’t be beat and a big peach coconut smoothie. 

Things I do not have: much more kid-free time, coworkers to chat with (miss those guys!), and a sink full of dirty dishes. 

Tribest Personal Mason Jar Blender fits any standard-mouth mason jar!

But wait, with that big glorious smoothie in front of me, how could it be that I don’t have a bunch of dirty dishes?

I’m glad you asked. Ever since the untimely demise of my other “nutri-” blender, I’ve been using the Tribest personal mason jar blender. It’s a simple, yet powerful, lightweight blender that makes single serve portion of your favorite smoothies, and it comes with everything shown in the photo above. But the best part is that it’s also compatible with all standard-mouth glass mason jars, like Ball® or Kerr® Brand. That equals less dishes for you, which equals more time for other stuff!

Major points for Tribest.

Here’s how it works:

Just choose your favorite smoothie ingredients,  put everything into your mason jar or one of the Blend-N-Serve cups provided in your blender kit, and add the adaptor ring to the top of the jar.

Tribest Personal Mason Jar Blender fits any standard-mouth mason jar!

Screw on the blade attachment, carefully, because…well, blades.

Tribest Personal Mason Jar Blender fits any standard-mouth mason jar!

Then just give it a whirl for about 30 seconds in the blender base. There are two modes – pulse and continuous – so you can always get the exact consistency you want.

Once you’re done, all you’ll have to do is rinse off these two pieces!

Tribest Personal Mason Jar Blender fits any standard-mouth mason jar!

Well, you’ll have the jar to clean once you’re done with your smoothie, too, but that’s it. How easy is that?!

And if you’re making smoothies for more than one person, everyone can get exactly what they want without having to rinse and start over. Each smoothie is made in its own cup!

Here’s a quick vid from Tribest so you can see the blender in action:

The blender’s powerful 200-watt motor also crushes ice, blends frozen fruit and ice, grinds coffee, and even stands up against flax seeds, making it a multipurpose appliance that barely takes up any room on your counter. The polycarbonate Blend-N-Serve cups that are included are made from the same material used in bullet-proof glass, so they’re virtually unbreakable and BPA-free, so they’re perfect for kids. But me, I like to use a mason jar because I’m trendy like that.

Or it could be that I just have a whole lotta jars around, and I’m all about easy.

Tribest Personal Mason Jar Blender fits any standard-mouth mason jar!

Any product that saves me time (especially cleaning time) and still gives me exactly what I want without having to sacrifice quality is a product I want to tell everyone I know about. So, if you like fast, compact and versatile, this is the right blender. Honest. Unless you really like washing dishes, that is.

The Tribest BPA Free Mason Jar Personal Blender is available on Amazon. Be sure to follow them on Facebook for contests, promotions, recipes and inspiration!

My fave smoothie right now is apple, pear, baby spinach and coconut milk. What’s in your cup?


  1. says

    Those are super cute!
    I am going to have to try your smoothie recipe. We usually juice raw fruits and veggies so smoothies are something we don’t usually get a lot of. Never thought to add coconut milk.
    I think we have a can in the fridge I could use today!

  2. Elisebet F says

    I have coffee in my cup! =D I love smoothies and drinking from mason jars. This is a great idea! My blender is dying, and this is definitely something I’d consider replacing it with. I have a lot of jars.

    • Wendy says

      Absolutely! I’ve used it to make sauces for dinner recipes and dips, too. Our tomatillos are almost ready, so I”ll be trying it out for our salsa verde, too!

  3. Pam says

    This is so cool! I love making smoothies and shakes, but I hate cleaning the blender. I also have a ton of mason jars lying around after my daughter’s wedding.

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