How to be a less crappy friend (with some help from @Hallmark #ValueCards)

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We all know that when you have a new baby, you kind of get a “pass” when it comes to what’s going on with your friends. You’re perfectly entitled to fall off the face of the Earth for a bit (phone calls and email greetings get pushed to the side, along with things like showering and sleeping.) But, at some point, you have to come back to real life – and that often means a whole new plan for getting organized.

I’m a fine one to talk. My baby is 17 months old and I’m pretty sure the mail from the day she was born is still sitting on my counter.

I’d go so far as to say that, lately, I’ve been a really crappy friend. Missing phone calls, forgetting birthdays, figuring out how NOT to make plans. I’ve just been SO overwhelmed by…well, all of it.

But no more! I’m on a mission to get some order back in my life and start taking better care of my social life and relationships. (Click here to help my mission by tweeting about it!)

And after what I did yesterday, I’m sooooo ready for this.

A few bucks and a few minutes can help make a few people feel really special! Stock up on Hallmark #ValueCards at Walmart and create a card file to last the whole year. #shop #cbias via

Quality Greeting Cards For Less

We stopped off at Walmart for a hummus run, and I took a quick detour to the greeting card aisle. Why? Because I found a great secret for busy moms on a budget: select Walmart stores carry a huge array of Hallmark Value Cards priced at either .47 or .97.

And they’re not just for birthdays. They have cards for all occasions, from weddings and anniversaries to baby showers and “get well soon”, so you can stock up for any unexpected thing that might sneak up on you. And they’re clearly marked in the store so you can’t miss them.

Look for Hallmark Value Cards in the card aisle at select Walmart locations. #shop #valuecardsSo what did I do? I grabbed a card for every possible occasion. My kids’ birthdays, my anniversary, an upcoming wedding, some simple “hello” cards. Like, 20 cards in all. And I spent way less than $20, since many were only .47!

Not one to let a learning opp pass me by, I enlisted my son’s help and we talked about why it’s so important to let our friends and family know we’re thinking about them, whether it’s their birthday or  “just because.”

Find Hallmark Value Cards in the card aisle at select Walmart locations. Teach the little ones the importance of REAL mail and thoughtful gestures! #valuecards #shop #cbias @Hallmark

I’ve seen “value” type cards before, but they’re usually so boring. And getting a low price isn’t a bargain if the cards look cheap. The Hallmark #ValueCards you’ll find a Walmart have sturdy cardstock, beautiful photos, modern graphics and fun finishes (glitter!) …there’s nothing “value” about the way they look.

Pretty cards, low prices - find @Hallmark #ValueCards at Walmart! #shop #cbias

And they didn’t forget the funny! Always a plus with my crowd.

@Hallmark Value Cards bring the funny (for less than a dollar!) #ValueCards #shop

Buying the cards is one thing, but actually getting them to the people you care about is a whole different challenge.

To Be More Thoughtful, Think Ahead!

Here’s how to make it work:

A few dollars and a few minutes can help make a few people feel really special! #ValueCards @Hallmark #shop via

Creative Card Ideas

I used to use stickers on all of my greeting card envelopes, but now I use a custom stamper. It not only adds a personality, but cuts down on resources, too. While you have the stamper out, get the kids to put fingerprints or handprints on the back of the card! It’s a super cute touch, and won’t cost you anything.

One .47 card from Walmart and a few personal touches = a thoughtful hello to someone special! #valuecards @Hallmark #shop

Stock Up in the Summer

I’m creating my card file in July for two reasons. Summer is a great time to update your contact/address list and send out “Thinking of you” cards to those folks you haven’t checked in with since holiday cards went out. It’s also my birthday month, so I’ll have a good reminder to restock my file each year.

Earn Rewards!

Need yet another great reason to shop? (As if!) On top of the already low prices, you can also earn rewards for the Hallmark Cards you buy at Walmart! For every 5 cards you buy, you’ll earn a reward – get the details here: Hallmark Card Rewards Program

And don’t forget to like Hallmark on Facebook to stay up-to-date on current promotions and get some daily inspiration!

Make sure you check out Connections from Hallmark to sign up for Hallmark Rewards. To see great content from other bloggers, join in the #ValueCards conversation on Twitter!  

Do you send cards to friends and family? If you have a system that helps you remember to send them, please share!


  1. says

    I absolutely love the Hallmark cards at Walmart. I make sure to stock up whenever I run low. Also, having these at Walmart save from having to drive almost 45 minutes to the nearest actual Hallmark store because they’re my brand of choice when it comes to cards period! Great post and reminder that maintaining friendships and other relationships are worth the effort.
    K. Elizabeth @YUMMommy recently posted…#WOWSummit 2014: 3 Reasons I’m GoingMy Profile

  2. says

    Awesome idea!!! I love it–so much better to just have a packet of cards to stick into the mail at the beginning of each month. I’m totally going to start doing this too! :) #client

    • Wendy says

      We do that too! Especially for the grandparents and friends.

      I do really like these for things like weddings, showers and my girlfriends’ birthdays, though!

  3. says

    Yes, I love to send cards for all kinds of occasions. I have a card box with cards I purchase and a calendar with important dates – at the beginning of each month I write out my cards – where the stamp goes I write the date I need to mail the card – then I mail the cards throughout the month

  4. says

    Yeah, being a crappy friend kind of comes with the territory of learning how to parent and have a life at the same time. It’s where we learn how to adjust to both over the next 5 years of life after the baby comes. Planning, Patience and Purpose makes it all work. Plus understanding friends and family. Hallmark helps a lot too. Great post.
    Elizabeth Towns recently posted…Bloggy Conference at Cedar Point – A Family Affair!My Profile

  5. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I am terrible at sending cards to family and friends. I really need a much better system. I always feel so bad when I miss important events.

  6. Maria Oller says

    I really love the 50cts cards lol but only because I sent tons of cards to my friends and the dollar one are quite a budget

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