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This post was brought to you by Silikids, a mom-owned company that makes a variety of eco-friendly silicone products for kids.

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I fell in love with silicone as a kitchen staple when I bought my first silicone cookie sheet liners. They’re so easy to use, and I love the eco-friendly reusable factor. Plus, no yucky chemicals to leach out when they get heated.

Then, when I had my kids and developed a slight plastic phobia, I learned a lot about silicone alternatives to plastic baby products. But none have been quite as cool as Silikids™, based in Traverse City, Michigan. (Isn’t the packaging the best?)

Silikids Silicone Products for Kids - safe, non-toxic, durable sippy cups and more.

They recently redesigned and relaunched a bunch of their products using the latest in food-safe silicone.

Silikids Safe, Non-toxic Silicone Products for Kids

Obviously, silicone has a lot of factors that make it a more sound choice than plastic, but the appeal of Silikids products goes way beyond the materials used to make them.

I am constantly amazed at how seemingly insignificant things can make my job as a mom so much easier, and our Silikids placemat is a prime example. My kids love to eat with placemats, and they’re a great tool because they keep the kiddos occupied for those few minutes when I’m trying to get the food on the table. The problem is that they’re a weird shape and I have NOwhere to put them. They inevitably end up bent and curled at the edges, and they do nothing but annoy me in my kitchen. Not a good thing, because they end up in the garbage and that doesn’t make anyone happy.

Silikids Safe, Non-toxic Silicone Products for Kids

So when I saw our new Silimap featuring a clear map of the United States labeled with state abbreviations, I was immediately smitten. When I took it out of the can it came in, I actually said, “Oh! Look what they DID!” out loud to my husband. The mat is not only made out of a great quality, durable, and easily washable silicone, but it FOLDS UP! You can fit it anywhere, and it’s the perfect size for tossing into a diaper bag for restaurants!

Silikids Silicone Products for Kids - Safe, Non-toxic, Durable Sippy Cups, Placemats and More

Mark my words: I will never go to a restaurant with the kids again without our Silimap. And it’s keeping my son occupied (and learning!) even when it’s not mealtime. I actually found him outside like this, trying to map the route to my brother’s house in Michigan…


They make Siliskins Sippy Toppers too, which you can use to turn a glass into a sippy cup! The silicone top stretches over and covers the top of most standard size straight sided glass, plastic or metal cup with diameter of 2 – 2.5 inches. We’re using ours over some little mason jars right now and it works perfectly. Of course, they are glass, so caution and supervision are important. 

I gave up on regular sippies a long time ago because I loathe cleaning little fidgety parts, but the Siliskin Top doesn’t have any! At all! Just one easy-to-clean piece that stretches to fit.

Voila. Perfection.

Silikids Safe, Non-Toxic Sippy Top

Here’s a short video to get you a little better acquainted with Silikids…

A Company with a Conscience

Silikids formed a strategic partnership in 2014 with The Arnold Center, a non-profit community rehabilitation organization based in Midland MI that was incorporated in 1967. The Arnold Center’s mission is to help improve the quality of life for individuals with differing needs by encouraging and supporting personal growth and inclusion in the community through the development of vocational, social and life skills. The Arnold Center oversees assembly, warehousing and shipping for Silikids.

Find Silikids

Silikids silicone products are available online and at specialty kid/baby stores and boutiques nationwide. To stay in the loop on new product releases and promotions, be sure to follow Silikids on Facebook and Twitter.

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