So, about those fitness goals…

It’s been a while since I gave you all an update on my fitness goals, so here goes.

That old story about breastfeeding leading to weight loss? Farce, I tell you. Total farce. Or at the very least, a phenomenon that only happens to some moms. In my case, I don’t lose a pound. I’ve been breastfeeding for nearly 5 years straight now, and my weight hasn’t budged. I gained 24 pounds with each pregnancy and weighed the same (to the ounce) on both delivery mornings. Now, I weigh 6 pounds more than I did when I got pregnant for the first time, and it just. won’t. budge.

But that’s OK. Why? Because I’m not focusing on that number. After countless blood pressure issues, thyroid problems, some serious anxiety and now, high cholesterol, I’m focusing on health.

Overall physical and mental health.

Let the pounds fall where they may.

The goals look a little something like this: Several 5K runs throughout the summer, a 10K if I can find one, and (drumroll, please) the Hershey Half Marathon in October. A goal that I set for myself a few years ago (before baby #2), I am SO excited to check this one off my bucket list.

The training isn’t ideal right now, mainly because I’m having trouble finding a way to do it with both kids. I can’t take them with me because I only have a single stroller, and most of my runs take place here, where there’s not much room for tagalongs:


If I had a double jogger I could take them to our local trails, but that’s going to have to wait for now.

For motivation, I’m still wearing my UP band by Jawbone and using the Runkeeper app on my iPhone. Nothing fancy, but they really work for me.


Well, as I said above, weight loss is creeping along slowly. BUT, as of these last few days of June, I’m running a comfortable 7 miles at well below the marathon minimum pace of 14:00/mile. I clocked a 9:30 not long ago, but endurance is my focus so I usually shoot for about 11:30. At the beginning of spring this year, I was happy to be running a 5K without stopping, so I’m stoked to be running 7 at a decent pace!

Can you see that I’m still “happy” from the Color Run I did in Hershey? :) (The tattoo…)


But, what to WEAR?

The more I run, the more I want to run. And when I get the chance, I’m OUT THE DOOR, which means I need some workout clothing that goes from around-the-house to around-the-block in no time. But why is it so hard to find stuff that I actually want to be seen in?! So many companies just shrink stuff, turn it pink and market it to women.

No thanks.

Back in the spring, I had the opportunity to work with PrepSportswear as they released a new line of workout clothing geared toward women without that “Shrink it and Pink it” attitude. The sweatshirt they sent me was semi-lightweight and soft, and it let me wear my alma mater with pride. It had a little glitz from the sparkle twill embroidery they used for the logo (which I love) and had an off-the-shoulder fit that was roomy and comfortable without being boxy like a man’s sweatshirt. I wore it every time I ran until the weather got too hot, and now I’m eyeing up a few other things from their line.

Customized sweatshirts make the perfect graduation gift!

Since I’ll be running in Hershey, which is very close to where I went to college, I just might rock the LVC pride again. I bet I’ll get thumbs up from tons of people!

I love these tanks because they aren’t too fitted. After 2 babies, I’m appreciate a little breathing room in my tank tops.

Custom sportswear makes the perfect graduation gift!

In their Campus Team Shop, Prep Sportswear gives you the option of designing your own sportswear using logos, names, numbers…and SO many other different ways to personalize. They have vintage teams and  lots of schools from K-12, too – perfect for graduation gifts!

Custom sportswear makes the perfect graduation gift!

And since that sun is beating down hard lately, check out the Ndurance performance line from New Balance. It not only offers moisture wicking and anti-microbial fabric (great with older boys! Ew.) but it also provides UV sun protection. Runners rejoice!

Now, I’m going to own it.

Last weekend, I was talking about the the Hershey Half and someone asked, “Oh, are you a runner?”

My first response was to shrug it off and say, “Oh, no…I’m not a runner. I just run a little sometimes…” but then I caught myself and realized how wrong I was.

“Yes, I’m a runner.” I said. And the wise person who asked saw right through my hesitation.

“Yes, honey. 30 miles a week? Yes,  you ARE a runner.”

And I am!

Are you a runner? If you are, do you CALL yourself a runner?


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