SuperMom? Well, no. (But I do have some smart parenting tips.)

Thanks to Huggies for sponsoring this article on time-saving parenting tips. All opinions are my own. Read on to see how to save $12 when buying Huggies diapers online.

So, you know how we’re kind of a green-leaning family? Yeah, we try. A lot, actually. But I have a confession to make. About a week ago, I left one of my cloth diapers sit for so long before washing that I had no choice but to burn it. We couldn’t even leave it in the trash. I just got distracted and overwhelmed and forgetful and, well, if you’re a mom, I’m sure you know what I mean. I was already starting to question the way I’ve been living, but the loss of one of my prized hempies was a little bit of a turning point. As much as I’d like to be SuperMom, I’m just not.

It’s time for me to start pulling out my best time-saving tricks. It’s great to have goals, but sometimes when those goals take over (like staying up late at night canning pears because you got a great deal at the local orchard) , you have to make in-the-moment compromises (like ordering out so the family doesn’t revolt on you.) It’s all a juggling act, really, and we all have our own priorities.

But one thing is pretty universal: Moms are busy 24/7 and finding things that make your life easier is priceless. 

So in the spirit of sharing, here are a few of the simple, everyday time-saving tips that work for me.

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1. Be a list maker. I know, this one is kind of obvious. But if you had ANY IDEA how much time I spend forgetting things… Seriously, write them down. And don’t lose the list (duh.) This tip comes directly from an old coworker who was a phenomenal list maker back in the days when I remembered everything about everything and thought writing lists was a waste of time. Boy, was I wrong.

2. Make it automatic. Auto bill pay! Do yourself a favor and sign up. It doesn’t seem like a big timesuck, but all that time writing out checks and stamping envelopes (especially when kids are tugging at your pant leg) is time that could be better spent doing ANYTHING else. Wait, am I the only one who was still writing checks?

SuperMoms know that saving time is the ultimate power! Get your baby essentials delivered from and save $12 with code WOWHUGGIES. (First time users only.) via #sponsored

3. Get preppy. Whether you’re committed to a real food lifestyle or not, we can all agree that healthy choices are an important addition to any kitchen. Dedicate one afternoon to washing and cutting fruits and veggies and keeping them in the fridge, ready to grab and go. You’ll not only save time throughout the week, but you’ll avoid the dreaded, “But MOM, I’m hungry NOW!” and recipe prep will be a breeze, too.

4. Hand over the reigns. Lots of major grocery chains are offering pick-up services now, where you create your shopping list online and then just drive through to pick up your order. If your local store does it, check it out! I kind of have the inside scoop from a previous employer, and they truly are careful with your produce and they don’t squish your bread. I promise. And it’s more than worth the small fee charged if your little ones are at the stage where they wreak havoc in public (like, between 18 months and 10 years or so.)

SuperMoms know that saving time is the ultimate power! Get your baby essentials delivered from and save $12 with code WOWHUGGIES. (First time users only.) via #sponsored

5. Get it delivered! Pick up is great, but it’s even better when your everyday essentials are delivered right to your door! A total lifesaver in those days when buttoning up your nursing shirt is often forgotten (oops, sorry UPS guy!) and showers are pure gold.  offers a convenient and timesaving way to get mom and baby must-haves, like the Huggies diapers I just ordered, without the hassle.

Yup, I’m bending the green rules, and learning to cut myself a little slack. And I think that just might be the best parenting advice of all. Plus, back in the day before we ever made the switch to cloth, Huggies were the diapers that fit our baby best with reliable leg elastic that truly prevented leaks, and now they have a new and improved fit. 

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SuperMoms know that saving time is the ultimate power! Get your baby essentials delivered from and save $12 with code WOWHUGGIES. (First time users only.) via #sponsored


Add to the list! What’s helping you save time these days?



  1. Totally loving these tips, while I already have 2 kids, I am expecting a third in the next month and could use some reminders of how to NOT go crazy!! Thanks for sharing!
    Katie Harding recently posted..Me Time for Moms with #CrestProHealthMy Profile

  2. Loving these tips!! We are expecting our first child in October…. need all of the help I can get!
    Olivia Douglass recently posted..Tupperware: HOT Specials through 07/11/14! #TupperwareMy Profile

  3. We auto bill pay everything. I mean everything. I just told my husband that he needs to make a list for me, so that if anything ever happens to him, I know what I need to do!
    Virginia @thatbaldchick recently posted..Wonder Bumpers from Go Mama Go DesignsMy Profile

  4. We autopay too !! Great tips and I always use a list can’t live without a list !
    Mommy’s Kitchen recently posted..Pork chops and Red PeppersMy Profile

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