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Ad: Walking the Walk with a Food Donation from Tyson #SummerofGiving

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This kid of mine, he’s a foodie for sure. He’s never happier than when he’s planting, picking or eating.

Ad: Join Tyson in their #SummerofGiving - for every bag purchased, they'll donate a meal to a child in need! #shop

And fruits and veggies? No problem. This tells me that our evil plan of creating a kid with healthy eating habits *just* might be working, but lately, we’ve hit a bit of a rough patch.

Talking the Talk

Nothing major, just a bit of a power struggle. But when he turns his nose up, I’ve found myself telling him how some kids don’t have dinner on the table every night, or breakfast waiting for them in the morning. And yes, I feel like a grumpy old parent every time I say it: “Why you oughta just be grateful you HAVE food on the table!” Ugh, I cringe!

Walking the Walk

It’s true, though, so when I was given the chance to work with Tyson on a small community involvement service project, I knew just what to do. Why just talk about it when we can actually DO something to help end hunger in our community, right?  Tyson has partnered with Champions for Kids for a program called “Summer of Giving” (more on that below) and we were happy to help turn their message into action.

The thing about giving is that it doesn’t take much to make a difference. After a talk about what “donating” means, we just stopped in at Walmart and picked up several bags of Tyson oven-roasted diced chicken breast to take to our local food pantry. And speaking of companies that give back, Walmart has promised to feed 5 million kids this summer through the Summer of Giving food donation program.

Back to the chicken…I like the diced option because it fits in so well with most chicken dinner ideas. No preservatives, no hormones, no steroids. It’s fully cooked chicken, to do with as they please. (Plus, the rollback prices = an even bigger donation from us!)

Ad: Join Tyson in their #SummerofGiving - for every bag purchased, they'll donate a meal to a child in need! #shop

I’m not sure that Finn quite understood what we were doing until I reminded him about the toys we donated last Christmas. Then, the lightbulb went off and he started getting really excited.

Ad: Join Tyson in their #SummerofGiving - for every bag purchased, they'll donate a meal to a child in need! #shop

I asked Finn what he thought they might make with the chicken, and he said, “Chicken noodle soup! Everyone likes chicken noodle soup.” Seemed like a great idea to me, since I know that the local community gardens donate to Martha’s Table, too. And what do you do with an abundance of veggies? Make soup!

So, at his suggestion, we also grabbed some large bags of carrots and noodles to round out the donation.

Ad: Join Tyson in their #SummerofGiving - for every bag purchased, they'll donate a meal to a child in need! #shop

The church food pantry we decided to help has a service called Martha’s Table, and they prepare a large meal once a week that is open and free to the community. We weren’t able to find anyone at the actual church when we stopped in, but then we found out that my sister-in-law’s neighbor runs Martha’s Table! So we left our donation with her and she delivered it later that day.

Ad: Join Tyson in their #SummerofGiving - for every bag purchased, they'll donate a meal to a child in need! #shop

(Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for the outfit on my child. That was ALL Daddy.)

Oh, I almost forgot…my son insisted on writing a note to deliver with the food:

Dear Martha’s Table,

Here are some things for chicken soup. We gave toys to Kira for Christmas. Someday we will see her. When our blueberries get big, we’ll pick them for you so you can eat them at the place where the kids go on the orange slide. 

Love, Finn. 

I’m not so sure what the orange slide is all about, but I was proud to hear that he wanted to continue sharing.

Small service project = big lesson in the real meaning of community! We’re going to keep this one going, too. Now that I know where to donate, we’ll be taking our garden overflow to Martha’s Table whenever we can.

Ad: Join Tyson in their #SummerofGiving - for every bag purchased, they'll donate a meal to a child in need! #shop

A Service Project for You, too!

Want to do a small service project of your own? The good news is that Tyson is making it easier than ever. All you have to do to participate in the “Summer of Giving” is purchase specially marked Tyson products –

For every bag purchased, Tyson will donate one meal to a child in need!


So the next time you stop in to pick up a few things, look for the Champions for Kids #SummerofGiving display, then pick up Tyson Day Starts, Grilled & Ready, Any’tizers or Chicken Nuggets and help Tyson in their goal to eradicate hunger in our country.

Do you donate food in your community? If not, do you give back in a different way?




  1. Your kid is adorable! I love that he’s “getting” the whole donation thing and that he was so involved in the process. If you want, feel free to leave a comment with a link to this on my blog so we can show how bloggers are working together on this project. http://jamiesthots.com/2014/06/16/know-community-involvement-can-end-hunger/
    Jamie recently posted..Did you know that community involvement can end hunger?My Profile

  2. Super sweet! I love how involved in the donation your son was (he is absolutely adorable–even in the outfit daddy chose haha) We collected peanut butter and jelly at my daughter’s birthday party to donate to our local food bank! Chicken soup is such a comforting meal, perfect for a donation like this! #client
    Sarah B recently posted..Thomas Land: Coming Summer 2015 to Edaville USAMy Profile


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