Make it a Coffee Moment: All-American S’mores Coffee #CMSalutingHeroes


I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This post about using Nestle Coffee-mate coffee moments to honor our military veterans has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for #CollectiveBias and its advertiser.

In my neighborhood, the biggest party of the year is always held on the Fourth of July. It’s a block party along the river, and it goes on for days! Getting together with friends and seeing how their kids have grown from year to year is always a blast, almost like a yearly class reunion and family get-together all wrapped into one. 

But burgers and fireworks aside, it’s also important to remember why we’re all gathering to celebrate in the first place. My son is well over 4 years old this year, so we’re beginning to teach him that the Fourth of July, or Independence Day, is a way of honoring the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Why is this especially important to me? Because my dad is not only a veteran, but my own personal military hero. 

Who's your hero? Celebrate them with a coffee moment! #CMSalutingHeroes #shop

My dad married my mom on leave right before he headed off to Vietnam. They’ve now been married for 46 years, and while we don’t talk much about the specifics of my dad’s time serving our country, I’ve learned a lot about respect, pride, dedication and patriotism from him. As the child of a military veteran, I can only hope to instill those same qualities in my own children. It’s a legacy that I look forward to keeping alive!

And, for our family fun fact of the day, my father-in-law just happened to be in the same place, at the same time as my father. In 1967, both were in the 4th Infantry Division in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. (Imagine if you could have gotten them together and shown them a future photo of their shared grandson?) They never knew each other, but holy wow do they have a lot to talk about! Especially now that there are 2 grandsons only 3 months apart! Here is my boy with his cousin and my father-in-law’s military threads…

Who's your hero? Celebrate them with a coffee moment! #CMSalutingHeroes #shop

My husband and I truly respect the years our fathers gave to our country. It’s not something that comes up every day, but we do make an effort to celebrate our patriotic holidays with them. It’s the little things, like just saying, “Thank you for your service” and sharing a simple meal together that mean a lot. My dad’s favorite way to spend a holiday is doing some cast-iron cooking over their open fire pit. Spending that kind of quality time with him (which I do now more than ever) makes it really hit home that some soldiers did not come home, and we make sure to keep them in our hearts on the Fourth.

Who's your hero? Celebrate them with a coffee moment! #CMSalutingHeroes #shop

And speaking of little acknowledgements that mean a lot, Coffee-Mate coffee creamer is recognizing our veterans this month with special limited edition packaging on their French Vanilla and Hazelnut liquid creamers and their Original powder (available through July 4th, while supplies last.)

You’ll see them if you check the dairy aisle at your local Walmart.

Who's your hero? Celebrate them with a coffee moment! #CMSalutingHeroes #shop

The patriotic packaging is in recognition of their partnership with Operation Homefront and their support of those who have fought for our freedom.

Coffee-mate’s contribution helps Operation Homefront provide a wide range of support for military families.

Who's your hero? Celebrate them with a coffee moment! #CMSalutingHeroes #shop

Fighting for our freedom is no small thing, but it only takes a small gesture to show the veterans in your family (or community) how much they’re appreciated. A holiday cookout in their honor, an afternoon spent together, a cup of their favorite coffee…they’re all simple moments, and they’re all ways to say thanks. 

Who's your hero? Celebrate them with a coffee moment! #CMSalutingHeroes #shop

Add Coffee-Mate French Vanilla creamer to your next “coffee moment” with

 all-American S’mores Coffee:

Who's your hero? Celebrate them with a coffee moment! #CMSalutingHeroes #shop

Don’t worry – this only takes a few ingredients and it’s super easy. To make simple S’mores Coffee at our backyard brunch, we purchased chocolate-dipped spoons, but you can easily make your own. Just melt dipping chocolate, then coat plastic or wooden spoons and let dry, then wrap with candy lollipop bags and tie with a patriotic ribbon. Or, for more chocolate in every cup, pour chocolate into ice cube trays and insert spoons, then let dry.

Who's your hero? Celebrate them with a coffee moment! #CMSalutingHeroes #shop

Use French Vanilla creamer (it’s rich and creamy enough to replace the marshmallow) and top your coffee with fresh whipped cream sprinkled with crushed graham crackers. It’s an all-American treat that’s just made for sharing with your favorite hero.

Do you have veterans in your life? How will you show your thanks for their service this Fourth of July?



  1. Samantha K says

    Your dad is a true hero! I never thought about making Smores coffee, but I need that right now! YUM! #client

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