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You were probably told a lot of things about childbirth. But were you ever told that you just might experience LBL (Light Bladder Leakage) long after your pregnancy is over? Yup…coughing, laughing, sneezing…they can all trigger it, but nobody really likes to talk about it, right? Well, that’s why I’m here. Your friendly neighborhood blogger, writing about embarrassing things so you can forward them on to your friends. (Just blame the awkwardness on me. “Hey, I saw this thing on a blog…”)

OK, so I’ll go first. I’ve only had 2 babies, but I have issues with LBL from time to time. Yup. And when you’re a grown-up, a little bit of pee can be a big ol’ deal. It was at its worst when I had bronchitis and coughed for weeks, and it’s nothing but a nasty nuisance when I exercise!

To be honest, I used to just try and ignore it, especially because I don’t want to wear some big diaper thing when I rock my purple Jazzercise leotard. Haha, I kid….but yeah, ignoring the problem is never the solution, right, Mom? So allow me to introduce my new friend SAM:

Light bladder leakage? It's more common than you think. Meet SAM, then get a FREE SAMple and coupon!

 SAM = Super Absorbent Material

It might feel like LBL is your own leaky little secret, but the truth is that one in three women experience it, and many women rely on pads – like the kind you use for your period – and some use nothing at all.


• They don’t know there are products designed specifically for LBL

• They don’t think incontinence products are for them (the word itself is a little grandma-esque, isn’t it?)

But don’t worry, and please don’t be afraid to find a solution. Each Poise Microliner contains Poise Super Absorbent Material (also known as SAM), and it’s magical stuff. Ridiculously thin with absorbency that just won’t quit, Poise Microliners will keep you dry and comfortable even under your best . No bulky diapers here! You’ll hardly know it’s there. But if you want to see for yourself, just visit Poise for a free sample. Just click the image below to get yours:

Pee happens, and it's not always on purpose...right, moms? Get a FREE sample of New Poise Microliners!

LBL is more common than you think. So, the next time you meet with your Moms’ Group and someone mentions (whispers?) that they’re having a problem, just tell ’em SAM has them covered and send them to me for details and a free sample. After all, we women have to stick together, right?

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