Staying Connected Every Day with Walmart Best Plans #FamilyMobile

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Share all the moments, big and small, with unlimited data from Walmart #FamilyMobile

See that photo up there? I took that with my phone, posted it on Facebook, and my mom was over here playing with the kids within 20 minutes. That, my friends, is the beauty of living close to your parents and having an unlimited data plan.

For most of my life, I’ve spoken to my mom just about every day. Through college, I always called her to chat on my way to class. When I was commuting a million miles a day to work, I called her every day to check in and see how my son’s day went at her house. Now? I live closer than ever (3 miles away) and I see her often, but I still check in with my mom more often than I should probably admit. But the truth is, I appreciate every single day of her friendship and guidance, and I always will.

Since making the switch to our Walmart Family#Mobile plan, we don’t even have to worry about counting minutes or using too much data, so photos are flying back and forth like never before! And it’s a good time, too, because the kids are growing like weeds rhubarb! (Do you know how prolific that stuff is?!) Harvesting some for Daddy is among the fun things my boy loves to do at Grammie’s house, and I love that I get a peek into their day just by checking Facebook on my phone.

Share all the moments, big and small, with unlimited data from Walmart #FamilyMobile

Some may call it a timesuck, but unlimited use of social media via phone is the single easiest way my family stays connected! I mean, what’s a birthday without a handdrawn card posted on your wall, right?

Share all the moments, big and small, with unlimited data from Walmart #FamilyMobile

But it’s not all fun and games when my mom and I keep in touch via data messaging. Sometimes I really need to show her something right away, like a recent boo boo.


My baby girl fell and took off nearly all of her fingernail, so I shot a pic over to my mom and she was able to tell me right away how to clean it out (and how I shouldn’t freak out because it was fine.) Smart lady.

I’ve always said that I didn’t want my son to have to call me to ask how to make dinner, but instead to simply tell me about the fantastic dinner he just finished making. That kind of sums up my relationship with my mom – I don’t need her for every little thing (because she taught me well!) but I like to share the little things…the successes, the not-so-successes, the day-to-day kid funnies and milestones. Because we all know that when it comes down to it, those little things really are the big things, aren’t they? 

And with unlimited talk, text and web for one low monthly price, neither one of us has to miss a thing. I sure don’t miss those messages I used to get: “As of [date], you have used 75% of your monthly usage allowance…” Ugh! Never again!

Share all the moments, big and small, with unlimited data from Walmart #FamilyMobile

Read more about our experience with Walmart Family Mobile here. To learn more about Walmart cheapest wireless plans, visit their website or ask a friendly associate at your local Walmart store.

Voice calls, texts, social media – what’s your favorite way to stay connected? Do you have an unlimited plan, or do you find that you have to watch minutes/data at the end of each month?





  1. I’m under contract with my provider for the next year and a half, but this is definitley something to keep in mind!
    Robin (Masshole Mommy) recently posted..LEGOLAND® California Water ParkMy Profile

  2. We still have a contract with a different provider but this sounds great. Glad I’m not the only one who still talks to her mom every day. She hasn’t graduated to a smartphone yet, though!
    Lois Alter Mark recently posted..reddi-wip® and me: a love storyMy Profile

  3. That sounds like an unbelievably cheap plan for any family! WOW! $40/month is a real bargain! Oh, and we love rhubarb over here too! Bring on the crumble!
    Annie {Stowed Stuff} recently posted..The CUTEST Cookie Challenge EverMy Profile

  4. I get those messages because of talking to my kids too, and it’s so incredibly frustrating. This sounds like the way to go!
    Liz Mays recently posted..Behind Closed Doors #LetsTalkBumsMy Profile

  5. lisa jones says:

    This Sounds Like A Great Deal I Really Need To Get A New Plan Thank You

  6. Great plan for any family,. Reasonable price as well.

  7. Angela S says:

    I love how you shared the hand drawn card! This sounds like a great mobile option for any family.

  8. Since we live far away from much of our family, we try to keep in touch through social media a lot. Having a good wireless plan definitely makes it easier.

  9. MI need to look into this deal now that my daughter will need a phone at the end of the summer.
    maria @ close to home recently posted..Using FrogTape to create a Custom Pet Food ContainerMy Profile

  10. Wow that sounds like a great plan, love the view in the 1st photo!
    Mama to 5 BLessings recently posted..Create With Washable Sidewalk Chalk Paint + GiveawayMy Profile

  11. sounds like a reliable plan that I need to check out for my family. I’m all about saving money~!
    Amy Desrosiers recently posted..Meatless Stuffing Recipe Using Portuguese Papo-SecoMy Profile

  12. I’m impressed with the quality of the photos. They look awesome!
    Diane Nassy (@philZENdia) recently posted..How To Be An Excellent Sports MomMy Profile

  13. One of the great things about technology is the fact that we get to share more with those we love. Cell phones are wonderful for helping people stay in touch with one another.

  14. I need to get this for my son. He would really like it and it would make a great graduation gift.
    Mommy2Jam recently posted..My favorite color swap – my package arrivedMy Profile

  15. I’m in love with my current provider but will definitely direct people to Walmart who ask!

  16. Maria Oller says:

    Awesome i pay 45 on t mob but with limited date which sucks =( I need more info about this plan

  17. I love the Walmart Plan and I love how easy it is to stay connected. I have to say I love the 2 different shoes on the little guy collecting veggies. It reminds me of my daughter
    Debi recently posted..MALEFICENT: The Official Multi-Touch BookMy Profile

  18. That’s amazing – only $40 / month?! Wow! I need to check and see if it works with the phones I already have!!

  19. This is a great family plan! Thank you for posting :)
    Danielle recently posted..7 Homemade Honey Beauty RecipesMy Profile

  20. My friend just got this and loves it. I’m willing to look but can’t see myself not having my iPhone :(

  21. This is a good idea. Almost did this, but my hub got a great deal from work. OTherwise, this was going to be our switch.
    Lenze recently posted..What’s For Dinner? The SolutionMy Profile

  22. I love using google chat to talk with my husband all day and stay connected. With unlimited everything I never have to worry about going over! #client
    Danielle recently posted..Easy Summer Recipes: Tomato Basil Bread with BruschettaMy Profile

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