Protect Your Baby's Eyes with Ro.Sham.Bo Baby Sunglasses

This post about UV-protective sunglasses for baby was brought to you by Ro.Sham.Bo Baby who provided a sample product for our review.

Ro.Sham.Bo Baby UV-protective sunglasses


Like most parents, you may have countless pairs of baby sunglasses in your cars and laying around the house. They’re available in all kinds of stores for a buck or two, so why not get a few extras, right? Cute or not, you may want to rethink those purchases, because many of those no-name glasses do little more than cut the glare from the sun.

According to the National Optometric Association, most of the damage done to one’s eyes happens BEFORE THE AGE OF 10.*  Damage that won’t show up until much later in life such as macular degeneration, cataracts and more. Enter Ro.Sham.Bo Baby, a collection of sunglasses designed specifically for babies ages 0–18/24 months (depending on their head size). They offer 100% protection from those rays than can damage little eyes.

About Ro.Sham.Bo Baby:

  • They’re made in Italy, not China or Taiwan, of specially-designed ultra durable, ultra flexible, form retention plastic, like teething material for baby!
  • Laboratory tested: small parts certified and free of BPA, phthalate and harmful chemicals
  • They are unbreakable!
  • The included durable clear case is made in the US of food grade plastic (My baby loves playing with it!) 
  • 100% UVA/B protection and shatter-resistant lenses
  • Designed with the the smallest babies in mind: 0-18 months old, but because they are so flexible and light, they can comfortably fit 2 years plus depending on head size.
  • Each pair includes a damage and lens replacement guarantee
  • Logos are molded, not painted, so they won’t chip off

Plus, you’ll get free shipping in the US, and all purchases support autism awareness through donations to the Autism Research Institute.

Ro.Sham.Bo Baby UV-Protective Sunglasses for Baby

Lookin’ like a rock star, no?

Ro.Sham.Bo Baby UV-Protective Sunglasses for Baby


To top off great function with a little bit of fun, each pair is named after a classic 1990’s memory, such as The Kelly Kapowski (Pink)The Zach Morris (Blue)The Bueller (Black) and The 90210 (Blue and White).  We’re rocking the Breakfast @ Tiff’s in teal!

From car seats to baby monitors, there are lots of ways to keep your baby safe. Ro.Sham.Bo Baby sunglasses are a small item that can make a big difference in the health of your baby’s eyes!

To learn more about Ro.Sham.Bo Baby, visit their website and join the conversation on Facebook.

*Fact provided by Ro.Sham.Bo Baby



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