Natural Allergy Relief: @Duux Children's Humidifier

This post about children’s humidifiers was brought to you by Duux, who provided a sample product to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest and no further compensation was received.

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 10.09.59 PMMy husband has always had bad sinus issues, but I never really understood how bad he felt until I was pregnant and suffered many of the same symptoms. We started using cool mist humidifiers during my first pregnancy, and once we realized the many benefits to our health as well as our house, we’ve run them pretty much ever since.

Unfortunately, that much use causes us to burn through machines. They either develop a leak or get all gunky inside (attention product designers: easy clean is a must!) and I just complain up a storm every time I have to go out and buy a new one.

But I haven’t complained in a long time! The folks at Duux  sent us their Ultrasonic Air Humidifier “Mushroom” and we’ve been cool misting ever since!

See, the folks at Duux prioritize not only appearance, but also ease of use. As any busy mom knows, a great looking product isn’t worth squat if it isn’t practical to use every day. And I’m here to tell you: Duux is definitely worth squat. (Ok, that sound weird. How about we just say that Duux products have far exceeded our expectations and helped relieve our allergy and congestion issues naturally!)

Super cute mushroom! Children's Air Humidifier from @Duux

That’s the mushroom up there. Isn’t it darling? As an 80s kid, it reminds me of the Smurf houses I used to search for in the woods!

A few other perks:

  • Ultrasonic technology creates cool mist within a second by using a user friendly rotary switch
  • This humidifier uses 80% less power than most other humidifiers.
  • The additional nightlight will make a child feel safe in the dark.

Super cute mushroom! Children's Air Humidifier from @Duux

Not only is this cool, fine mist a great way to add natural soothing moisture to your entire home (did you know that moisture is good for your home and furniture during the winter months when you’re heating?)

Super cute mushroom! Children's Air Humidifier from @Duux

…but you can also put the baby in front of it and watch the funny faces she makes as she discovers the mist in the air! That’s worth the price right there. (I only wish I had video.)

Super cute mushroom! Children's Air Humidifier from @Duux

What I do have video of, however, is the easy cleaning procedure. Check this out! THANK YOU, Duux, because if it’s too hard to clean, chances are it just isn’t happening.

About Netherlands-based Duux:

Duux, which was founded by Mark Angenent in 2008, designs products in neutral modern colors with parents’ needs in mind.  Duux’ mission is to offer the most innovative and reliable baby electrics, not only with great design, but with the latest technologies and optimum ease of use to support parents and newborns during their first exciting years.  The Duux line is proof that high-tech products can be functional and beautiful! […] Duux Ultrasonic Mushroom Humidifier received the JPMA 2013 Innovation Award as the overall product winner in the Infant/Parent Care category.

Sniffles, wheezing, dry, cracky noses…find relief for all your allergy symptoms with a Duux Humidifier and pure, natural water.

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    • Wendy says

      I hear ya, Dria. That mold issue freaks me out too. Our current house tends to be very dry, so I don’t think it will start in the house at all, but I do watch all of our humidifiers very carefully. Ease of cleaning is such a big selling point!

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