Mom, Dad, Grad Gifts: Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web from @Walmart #FamilyMobile

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Walmart #FamilyMobile

Hey, remember the Walmart wireless plan I wrote about in this post a few weeks ago? Well, we still have it – and we’re keeping it!

As a blogger, I get to try some things that, in the end, I like and recommend. I also get to try some things that end up becoming part of our everyday lives and I recommend them to everyone I know. (You might say I never shut up about them…)

Fact: Walmart #FamilyMobile Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web plan would be one of those things. The service we’re getting on the T-Mobile network is better than any other service we’ve had, and we’re paying HALF of what we paid before for my plan, with no contract!

Why We Love Our Walmart Family Mobile Plan:

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 Next up: getting my husband switched over, too! He’s such a good daddy and never asks for anything for himself, so we just might have to surprise him on Father’s Day with a new plan and upgraded phone! (His is OLD.)

Gift the gift of unlimited talk, text and web with Walmart #FamilyMobile! Perfect for moms, dads and your favorite grads.

Graduation season is coming up soon, too.  So, whether you’re celebrating a devoted dad or proud grad this year, why not hook them up with a Walmart Family Mobile plan? I can’t think of a better gift for those special people who need to stay connected!

Walmart #FamilyMobile makes the perfect gift for moms, dads and grads! Click to see why we're loving our plan and saving big each month.

Really, your loved ones have all the mugs and t-shirts they need, right? Setting them up with a reliable, unlimited mobile plan that can save dollars every month is a useful gift with endless benefits. Plus, it helps keep you in the loop and in touch – a great perk for busy graduates, tech savvy dads, and parents who babysit, like mine! Unlimited checking in  and no contract to worry about? We all know that kind of peace of mind is priceless, so $40 officially qualifies as a steal.

My parents have been showing an interest in my Walmart Family Mobile plan, too. I’ve left my phone with them several times while they’ve watched my kids, and it’s so much fun for the kids to send photos and texts whenever they want.

Gift the gift of unlimited talk, text and web with Walmart #FamilyMobile! Perfect for moms, dads and your favorite grads.

My dad has been asking:  how is the service? Is there really no contract? For someone like him, who is pretty skeptical of all this newfangled stuff to begin with, a reliable, no-commitment plan is the perfect fit. A Walmart gift card would be a great way to let him set up WFM service of his own for Father’s Day!

Setting up a Walmart family mobile plan is as easy as stopping by your local Walmart store and picking up the starter kit. You (or your giftee) can set up the account online, in-store or by phone in minutes. Phones are available in stores, too, or you can bring your own.

Paying your bill is easy, too. You can take care of it the Walmart Customer Service desk, online, by phone, or choose AutoPay.

Gift the gift of unlimited talk, text and web with Walmart #FamilyMobile! Perfect for moms, dads and your favorite grads.

It seems like every time I mention Walmart Family Mobile, someone says to me, “I heard about that! I was thinking about switching…” Well, think no more. It’s hassle-free mobile – and hassle-free gifting – at its best!

To learn more, visit or stop by your local participating Walmart store. Use the store locator to find one near you.



  1. Sherrie C. says

    Right now I have a Verizon no-contract phone plan and it’s costing me a small fortune. I’m going to head over to Walmart today to check this out if it will help cut my bill down a bit in the long run. You can’t beat $40 a month!

    • Wendy says

      I think contracts are going to be obsolete soon. If you aren’t getting what you need, you should be able to switch at any time! I find contracts usually lead to subpar service.

  2. Lisa J. Jones says

    Sounds Like A Great Phone & Plan I Must Check This Out I Need A New Phone Plan That’s Cheaper!

    • Wendy says

      Good to know! I see us sticking with it long term. Finding new favorites is such a benefit of blogging!

    • Wendy says

      I don’t think I’ve heard anything negative yet, myself. Maybe limited service in some rural areas, but overall, it’s all positive!

  3. says

    I had T-Mobile when it first came out and at the time it was already pretty great. You’re right too, they have good service! I might think about going back! Thanks for the awesome recommendation.


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