Lunchbox Tips {featuring Philadelphia Soft Cream Cheese Spread} #Cbias #SpreadTheFlavor

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Easy lunchbox ideas that include lots of fresh fruits and veggies are a mom’s best friend, especially if they don’t require any heating up at lunchtime. The obvious go-to solution is a wrap or roll-up. They’re easy for little hands to pick up and eat, and they’re just plain fun when cut into swirly spirals.

The only problem? I stink at making wraps.

It’s true. I can pile in a rainbow of ingredients, arrange them nicely, and roll it up…but somehow it always falls apart on me. The stuff falls out, it all comes unwrapped…it’s just a mess. But I’ve found a new way to make a fresh, homemade lunch and hold it all together: Philadelphia soft cream cheese spreads, now available in a bunch of yummy flavors!

Philadelphia Cream Cheese makes lunchtime easier! #SpreadTheFlavor #Cbias

We picked these up one day when we stopped in to browse the new garden selection at Walmart. We already love Philly cream cheese, so I was intrigued by kicking it up a notch with different flavors.

You can find them right on the cream cheese shelf in the dairy section.

Philadelphia Cream Cheese makes lunchtime easier! #SpreadTheFlavor #Cbias

My little helper seemed to think they looked good, too. Both of my kids can spot anything fruity from a mile away, so I knew the Blueberry flavor was coming home with us.

Philadelphia Cream Cheese makes lunchtime easier! #SpreadTheFlavor #Cbias

We also grabbed the Garden Vegetable, and you better believe I’ll be grabbing the Jalapeno to help #SpreadTheFlavor once the garden gets moving this year! They also offer Strawberry and Chive & Onion.

Philadelphia Cream Cheese makes lunchtime easier! #SpreadTheFlavor #Cbias

As soon as I spotted the little tubs in the store, I thought, “Hey…that would work to stick my wraps together, but it would also make them taste better!” And I was right. We’ve been burning through veggies! Fruits, too, since I’ve been stacking apple slices in with the peppers and shredded carrot. Kale, spinach, and crunchy romaine work great, too.

Philadelphia Cream Cheese Veggie Wraps #SpreadTheFlavor #Cbias

It’ll be fun to try new veggies in our wraps as the gardening season rolls along!

Philadelphia Cream Cheese Veggie Wraps #SpreadTheFlavor #Cbias

Of course, to round out the meal, you could add some lean deli meat, a slice of cheese or hard-boiled egg. My son likes yogurt on the side or a string cheese.

(Did I mention all the vegetables that are actually IN the cream cheese spread?)

Philadelphia Cream Cheese makes lunchtime easier! #SpreadTheFlavor #Cbias

The secret lies in spreading the whole tortilla with a generous swipe of cream cheese, making sure to go all the way to the edges. Then, when you roll it up, it all sticks! And nothing slides like it does with mayo.

Philadelphia Cream Cheese makes lunchtime easier! #SpreadTheFlavor #Cbias

Of course, my new wrap trick has started a new obsession in the house (as often happens when there’s a 4-year-old around.) But I can’t complain about this one. When my boy wants a sweet treat, I just wrap up some strawberries and bananas in a whole wheat tortilla with a swipe of blueberry cream cheese. Voila! Another fresh snack option without all the sugar of some processed snacks. (And a great way to use up random produce!)

Philadelphia Cream Cheese makes lunchtime easier! #SpreadTheFlavor #Cbias

Oh, and one more tip: when you’re done with the blueberry, lick the spoon. It’s sooo good.

Philadelphia Cream Cheese makes lunchtime easier! #SpreadTheFlavor #Cbias

Rocket science? Maybe not. But for a wrap-challenged mom like me, little fixes like this help make packing lunches easier, and I’ll take all the help I can get! Thanks, Philly! 

What’s your best lunchbox tip?



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