10 Creative Ways to Use Peeps #Peepsonality

This post about Easter crafts featuring Peeps was brought to you by…Peeps! I received samples to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.


You might be surprised to see Peeps popping up here on my page. Yes, we’re a dye-free household, but there’s no denying that some foods – especially seasonal ones – can have tons of nostalgic value. Nothing reminds me of my Dad and my childhood Easter celebrations more than a pack of brightly colored marshmallow Peeps, and honestly it just wouldn’t be Easter without them! So, what do we do? We get crafty!

Peeps Crafts Easter #Peepsonality

This year, there are new Peeps flavors, like confetti-speckled Party Cake and Chocolate Mousse (some are even chocolate dipped!) and the colors are fantastic for crafting! The blue and brown combo is my fave. I guess you could say it fits my #Peepsonality!

10 Creative Ways to Use Peeps! Show your #Peepsonality with ideas from www.abcsandgardenpeas.com

Here are some of my favorite ways to use Peeps:

1. Create a spring centerpiece. Layer bunny Peeps, face out, in a large glass vase. Put a smaller glass vase inside and fill with spring flowers. If you have extra space in the outer vase, use ribbons, Easter grass or extra candies to fill in.

2. Tic Tac Peep. Easy, right? Grab 2 different types of Peeps and a large piece of cardboard. Draw a tic tac toe board and get your retro game on.

3. Make a Peep wreath. Their uniform shape makes for a perfect wreath when glued onto a styrofoam form with a big seasonal bow. Or, go random with all different shapes, sizes and colors.

4. Peep Jousting – Did you know that a Peep will PUFF UP in the microwave? It’s true. And if you pit two against each other with cocktail swords, you have a regular joust on your hands. (And all over your kitchen, too, if you’re not careful. Peep jousting is a super fun party game, but be careful. They get HOT. Adults only, please.) Random fact: This is what my husband and I did on our second date.

5. Create a Peep garland. Popcorn garland is sooo three months ago. String up some Peeps and let them hang around the house! If you have a really sturdy craft needle and some hot water to dip it in, you can string some jellybeans between them without getting sticky.

6. Decorate an Easter Card. Let a Peep be the star of your Easter greeting! Fold colored cardstock paper in half, glue a bunny Peep on the front, and let the kids decorate around it. Great for the grandparents (not so great for the mail.)

7. Create a field of bunnies. Grab a Grow-Your-Own Easter Grass Kit and populate it with Peeps. (Just maybe not if you have a cat.)

8. Make your everyday houseplants more festive with seasonal Peep Picks. A wooden skewer, a bow and a Peep. Place it in your houseplant or flower bouquet for an unexpected peek of Spring!

9. Brew a Peepaccino! Ok, you knew I’d sneak at least one, right? The chocolate-dipped chocolate mousse flavor Peeps were just too much temptation, so one *just may* have found its way into my mocha latte. Yup. That happened.

Peep + Mug + Keurig = Peepaccino! Show your #Peepsonality with more creative ideas from www.abcsandgardenpeas.com

10. Make our Personalized Peep Placeholders, perfect for Easter dinner! Two .69 terracotta pots from the craft store, a little basket filler, ribbon and a bamboo skewer come together in the cutest little placeholders for your Easter dinner table! Personalize the pots with your guests’ names with a paint pen if you have a seating plan in mind, then let them take home their pot as a little Easter gift.

Peep Placeholders for your Easter Dinner Table. Get more ideas at: www.abcsandgardenpeas.com #Peepsonality

Have you ever crafted with Peeps? Or, the more important question for those Peep eaters out there: fresh from the package or slightly stale? 




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    Peeps are my weakness! Once I start, I can’t stop! They are just squishy goodness and yes, there are definitely tons you can do with them! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

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