Meet my new Rooster from 2 Red Hens


My first diaper bag was covered in blue plaid and cute little elephants. It was OK at the time, but by the time I had baby #2, I realized that I wanted the my bag to reflect my taste and not my current state of parenthood.

I have a new bag now. It’s a Rooster Diaper Bag by 2 Red Hens in the Peacock Mum print, and I love it. In fact, I more than love it. If I could find a way to be this bag, I would do it. As far as function, it’s the best diaper bag I’ve ever had. It’s also a great looking bag that reflects my style instead of just screaming, “Hey! Lady with a baby over here!”

Style and function in one perfect package. Who wouldn’t want to pull that off? 

The Rooster Diaper Bag from 2 Red Hens

Yes, I’m taking my life lessons from (and aspiring to be more like) my diaper bag. My very cool diaper bag.

The Rooster Diaper Bag from 2 Red Hens

Lori Holliday is the founder of 2 Red Hens and the woman behind the business. When I read her story, I fell even harder for this company. She’s a rural girl, like me, with a love for pantry organization, fabric design, and using reclaimed materials. Knowing that 2 Red Hens is a small, mom-owned, USA-based business makes me want to buy all the things, like the Toy Nanny (I want one for our winter gear!) and the limited edition bags made with reclaimed leather and (eek!) chenille! (They’re gorgeous.)

In addition to the extra-long polka-dotted changing pad that comes with the bag, you’ll find lots of room and pockets for everything you need inside the Rooster Bag. Here’s a typical haul for us:

The Rooster Diaper Bag from 2 Red Hens

There’s even plenty of room left to add more! And while most of my purses have been ruined by smashed puffs, leaky water bottles or melted crayons, the Rooster Bag can be wiped clean, inside and out. That means that this bag is going to last a good while longer than any of my others, even though it retails for less than most of them! Durable fabrics, durable yet pretty hardware and a design that makes sense. What more could you ask from a bag?

The Rooster Diaper Bag from 2 Red Hens

Now, if only I could work that hard and still look that good!

Learn more about the entire line of 2 Red Hens products, and be sure to follow them via Facebook to stay in the loop on news and current promotions. 



    • Wendy says

      Definitely! I think it makes a great purse, and as often as I spill makeup or melt a lip balm in the sun, the fact that it’s easily cleanable is a huge plus.

    • Wendy says

      It’s even more than I said, too! I just realized I didn’t have a sample pack of wipes, I had a whole pack!

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