On-the-Go Workout Wear from the New Lands' End Performance Collection


I’ve officially joined the gym…and I’m actually going! But lately I’ve really been struggling with what to wear when I work out. Should be simple, right? Well…not exactly. I’ll skip the glittery tank tops and pants with sayings on the butt, and honestly, I get enough of sloppy sweatpants at home. When I find the time to devote to working out, looking pulled together only helps my motivation. That’s why I’m digging the pieces I’m reviewing from the new Lands’ End Performance Collection: a line of comfortable, coordinated activewear for women.

Lands' End logo

 Lands’ End already had a performance pant, but the demand was so high that they decided to go big with an entire line of performance wear.

“The new Performance Collection features moisture-wicking fabric, UPF protection and flatlocked seams for chafe-free comfort. The pieces also boast four-way stretch for ease of movement, cotton-like softness and small pockets to hold essentials. The collection is comprised of an array of fits and styles of bottoms, tops and jackets.” ~landsend.com

This is the outfit I have, along with the Med-High Impact Performance Sports Bra. Isn’t the teal pretty?

Lands' End Performance Collection

Disclosure: No, that’s not me in the photo. I struggled for a few weeks with this post, partly because of the snow, the cold we all passed around, and the silliness of snapping a selfie in the locker room, but I’ll be honest: I’m WAY self-conscious about my body right now. I’m exactly 3 pounds heavier than I was the very first time I got pregnant several years ago, which I feel good about. But that definitely doesn’t mean I look the same. I have a lot of work to do, and I’m hoping I feel much, much better about myself after the four races I have planned so far for 2014. (Hershey Half! Woo!)

But I know I’m not alone in feeling that way. So many of us have doubts about how we look, and that’s why I’m loving this particular review. These Lands’ End pieces were designed to help women look good and feel good not only while working out, but while running errands, dropping kids off, or doing the 100 other things we do every day. We’re multitaskers. Doers. And when I can throw on these comfortable clothes, go pick up my son from school, stop at the store, come home and get dinner on the table and then leave for the gym without ever having to change (or feel frumpy in sweats and a tee), it makes my day easier and my workout more likely to actually happen.



Lands' End Performance Collection

The fabrics fit and stretch without being tight, and they wick moisture fabulously, so you won’t end your workout soaking wet. And with colors like bright teal and pretty pink, along with basic black and colorblocked jackets, the whole line mixes and matches easily – something I appreciate. Because these days, I’d rather focus my attention on my kids or my fitness app and let my clothes match themselves.

Lands' End Performance Collection

Check out the whole Lands’ End Performance Collection, and be sure to connect with them on Facebook to keep up with news, new products and current promotions.

Then, go follow me on Instagram…and I’ll post a photo from the gym this week. I promise!

What do you wear when you work out? What’s more important to you: style or comfort?




    • Wendy says

      I agree, Robin! Nothing spoils a workout for me quicker than clothing that doesn’t fit right right. The ideal workout gear is the kind you can forget about and focus on the task at hand!

  1. Shauna says

    That is awesome… you don’t know how many times I have decided not to run that errand on the way to the gym because I didn’t want to run into Target in my gym shorts… ha

  2. Helene Cohen Bludman says

    I love the look of these workout clothes! I definitely could use an upgrade in my workout wardrobe. I will check these out for sure.

    • Wendy says

      Selfies in general aren’t too bad, but body/fitness ones? UGH! I have a plan though. I’m hoping I’m feeling a little better by spring – then watch out for ducklips! hahaha

    • Wendy says

      The sports bra I have from Lands’ End (link above) is great for support, but the top is looser, a little more flowy. Even in a smaller size, I don’t think it would provide much support, but rather a nice breathability and comfort. Hope that helps!

    • Wendy says

      I love those thumb hole shirts for running. Here’s to hoping you can find what you need at Lands’ End! (I find that their sizes run a tad big on me.)

    • Wendy says

      So, so true. Just a few nice, comfortable, functional pieces can really help boost your workouts like crazy. Motivation FTW!

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