Macaroni Lace Hearts (and embracing the imperfect craft)

As any mom of a preschooler knows, craft hour can save the day.

And, as any mom of a preschooler also knows, the less you spend on crafts, the more you can spend at the wine store on groceries.

Now, when I say “craft”, I’m not talking about the kind you save from year to year or the masterpieces you spend all day on and then shrug off with a wink and, “Oh, that? We just threw it together.”

I’m talking about crafting that you really do just throw together because sometimes you just need to keep your kid focused so you can clean your kitchen.

And sometimes you don’t care about winning Pinterest.And sometimes… macaroni art.

Macaroni Lace Hearts


I give you: the Macaroni Lace Heart. Much like pasta is a comfort food, I like to think of this as a comfort craft that takes me back to my own childhood, gluing elbows on construction paper.

Multitasker’s bonus: Not only is this project an exercise in creativity, but it’s an exercise in “let go, and let glue” for Mom.

Macaroni Lace Hearts


Just grab a box of the cheapest wagon wheel pasta you can find, along with some pretty twine. I got both at Target for about a dollar each. Plan out your heart shapes, then glue. We used a hot glue gun with me at the helm, but you can use a craft glue, too, if your kids are at the age to be gluing. Let your hearts dry, give them a coat or two of spray paint, then hang with twine.

The best part of this easy little project? My son liked it more than any other we’ve made lately. (Maybe because I wasn’t trying to take photos or ensure picture perfect results?) I came away thinking we could have added a little lace, a little sparkle….but you know what? My kitchen is clean and I’m going to leave well enough alone.

Happy crafting!



    • Wendy says

      Thanks, Pam! I guess by “imperfect”, what I really meant was that it was simple and didn’t cause us any stress. We didn’t have to put much effort into making it “perfect”…it’s pretty hard to mess up macaroni and glue!

    • Wendy says

      I agree, Janeane. I don’t think it’s so “valentine-y” that you couldn’t leave it hanging up long past the holiday.

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