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It’s always fun to check out a new product that is totally outside my comfort zone, and this one definitely qualifies. I’m an Apple girl through and through, so when I was asked to check out the new App Social feature available exclusively for the Nokia Lumia, I was a little nervous. (Would I feel like a cheater?!) But App Social is all about connecting me with like-minded users for a more personal way to discover the best new apps, so how could I resist?

I’ve been accused of spending too much time on my phone, but I love the heck out of my apps. It’s hard to even imagine what life was like before my first smartphone. I use apps for banking, fitness, shopping, keeping up with clients via email and social media, and we can’t forget entertaining the kids on occasion. There’s an app for almost anything these days, but it can be really hard to choose which ones to try with just a simple search. Did you ever read those reviews? They’re so random and wacky sometimes. How do you know who to trust? And stars? Can you really count on those to be accurate? And if you don’t know an app even exists, how can you search for it?

How it works:

With App Social from Nokia, you can create an account and then search for and follow friends and “tech celebrities” that have similar interests as you. Just look at their bios, lists and reviews, and take the advice of those who share your interests and needs. As you follow other users, their choices will pop up in your feed and you can stay up-to-date on what’s new and popular among YOUR crowd. And, of course, they can follow you and your picks, too!

Here’s what a profile page looks like.

On your Lumia, you can click on my lists and scroll down to see which apps I’ve chosen.

There’s a community feel to AppSocial that keeps it fun and interesting, since you’ll be seeing new recommendations from your friends all the time in your Apps Feed. (ViktorLumia has 10,000 followers, so I figure he won’t steer me wrong.)

Or, check the Leaderboard to see which apps are being listed the most, and which users are the most popular so you can follow them, too! (Doesn’t rising to the top of the Leaderboard sound like a fun challenge?)

Next up for me: Building up my “For the Kiddos” list, and a list of training apps for my half marathon later this year! I also need to get some followers so I don’t look like such a newb.

 As for the new Nokia Lumia 822 that I’m using: The start screen has live, customizable tiles that put everything I need right at my fingertips, and it’s pretty intuitive, which surprised me because that is what I like about Apple. The camera is not blowing my mind, but I love the size of the easy-touch 4.3″ screen! Best of all, my biggest Windows phobia was put to rest when I was able to download an easy Windows Phone app from the Mac app store so I could easily sync and transfer photos!

AppSocial uses lists created by Nokia, your friends, and app-loving curators to bring crowd-sourced recommendations directly to you. It’s a social app experience like no other, so you never have to take apps from strangers. Just Download AppSocial and get them from your friends!

Learn more about AppSocial at, and follow them on:


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    OMG, there are so many apps and so little time!! I have the essential apps on my Iphone and that’s all. A camera. A facebook app. An email app. The phone itself! You would go crazy if you saw how EMPTY my screen is! I envy your ability to find so much available to you!

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