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We’re definitely watching our spending these days, and that includes not only how much we spend, but where we spend our dollars, too. Supporting small, family-owned businesses is a great way to support hardworking families or put your dollars to work for the causes that are important to you. Sometimes, you get lucky and find a place like, where your purchase can do both.

Please, please go visit their site. But don’t browse the products first. First, read the “Our Mission” section and you’ll get a good idea of what this company with a conscience is all about. Then SHOP! (…because OMG bloomers! legwarmers! nursing necklaces!)

Here’s a snippet:

We finally decided to start Hippilongstockings after the traumatic birth and near death of my daughter and I in April of 2012. The only reason we were spared was because of where we live. Our hearts were drawn to Africa where 200 women a day die in childbirth. We then worked to develop our “Giving Tree Blanket” with the majority of our donations from these blankets going assist in opening the first fully functioning birth center in Iganga, Uganda. ~

From headbands and healing balm to dresses and yes, even longstockings, this small company with a conscience offers tons of choices for children. My favorite is the aforementioned Giving Tree Blanket, which I happened to see and fall in love with before I even read the story behind it.


Isn’t it just the prettiest thing? Made with a lightweight, breathable 100% cotton muslin, the Giving Tree blanket comes in lots of beautiful, earthy hand-dyed colors and a generous 47″ x 47″ size.

We have a Giving Tree blanket in the original white, and it’s never far from our baby girl. I only recently started giving her a blanket to snuggle with at night (it’s been SO cold!) and it’s always this one because it’s so lightweight yet soft and snuggly. It’s my favorite scarf/nursing cover, too! I’ll probably wear it long after she’s done with it because I just love the design (although I’m not rushing things. I love the blankie years!)

Even more than I love the blanket, I love knowing that each time a Giving Tree blanket is purchased, $1 is donated to fund the construction of the first maternal health and birth center in Iganga, Uganda through Hearts 4 Africa and a receiving blanket is given to a Ugandan newborn in need! include FREE Shipping on purchases over $40 and they accept Paypal! << Big deal.

At, you can get a little something special for your baby, help support a family business, and help countless other mothers and babies in need. That’s what I call stretching a dollar!

Do you support small business? If you have a favorite, please share below!



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