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I’ve written this post as an ambassador for Project Envolve™ (sponsored in part by PPL Electric Utilities) . Project Envolve supplied me with materials to help weatherize my home along with tips for living an energy-efficient lifestyle.

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It’s getting cold in here, so pile on ALL your clothes!

Yeah, I changed the words. Have you been outside lately? It’s freezing!

And I’m not happy to report that it’s *kind of* freezing in some parts of my house, too. Just look at my front door! That ice is on the inside!

We live in an older home, a smaller older home, with the specific purpose of lowering the resources we consume. Having a drafty house does nothing to help that goal! Luckily, Project Envolve: Mission 3 just landed on my doorstep, and they sent me some great tips on how to arm myself against the Polar Vortex and seal up those places where my heat (read: money!) is escaping.

Project Envolve Home Energy Saving Tips

Banish your enemies: Air Leaks!

1. Weather Stripping: Apply it to door frames and the bottoms of your windows.

2. Caulking: Use it to seal leaks around window and door moldings.

3. Outlet Plate Insulation Kits and Outlet Safety Plugs: Believe it or not. electrical outlets can leak heat from your home. Who knew? Insulation kits help keep that heat inside. Use them first on your exterior outlets, where they make the biggest difference, then tackle interior outlets. (And, even if you don’t have small children, pop in some safety plugs! They also block heat from escaping!)

Know your friends: Smart Strips!

I know you’re a multitalented multitasker, so once you’ve put your caulking gun away, get our your sewing box and keep the momentum going! Create some “Heartwarming Handwarmers” (or are they Handwarming Heartwarmers?) Either way, they’re a great activity for kids of all ages, or a Valentine’s Day gift for someone whose cold hands could use a little love!

Or, craft a Door Draft Dodger and keep those pesky breezes outside where they belong.

Mission 3 is full of simple yet effective lessons just waiting to be learned, so schedule a day of quick and easy weatherization projects and be sure to include the kids!



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  1. says

    We bought and remodeled an older house in 2012, and our electric bill has been insane! We live on the lake, so we get that lake wind in the winter that doesn’t help the issue. These are great tips…we have done lots to try and lower our bill. We also blew more insulation in the attic and rolled more underneath. We have lattice around the bottom, back of our house, so we rolled plastic behind it to try and keep some of that lake wind away!
    Dee recently posted…Gooey Chocolate Lava Muffin RecipeMy Profile

  2. Helene Cohen Bludman says

    Ooohh! That ice on your door is making me shiver. Yes, it is freezing cold where I live, too. Think summer!

  3. says

    This is one of the coldest winters I can remember in recent years and it is actually snowing now here in North Carolina which is really going to kill my wallet when the electric bill comes in, but now knowing these tips, I can implement them and save some hopefully. Thanks
    Cyndee Wells/Rude Mom Blog recently posted…In-Canvas F11My Profile

  4. says

    I need to buy the foam insulating pieces for our outlets. I keep forgetting, and it DOES make a difference. On the filling, is there another option for the draft dogder? I keep thinking that rice/beans would attract some naughty puppies.


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