How to Spice Up Date Night (While Sticking to your Budget) #ad


When you start dating, Valentine’s Day is pretty easy. But once kids enter the scene? Well, it’s not hard for intimacy to take a back seat. And when you’re on a budget, date night can be an even bigger challenge. The good news is that it’s really easy to stay within your budget and celebrate the sweetest day of the year with a few budget-friendly date ideas that are sure to spice up your celebration! (And for the sake of disclosure, this post is brought to you by #CollectiveBias and K-Y couples lubricant. Adults only, please!)

In addition to being known for their health benefits, many spices are believed to enhance the sexytime, if you know what I mean. True or not, there’s no question that spices add depth and interest to your culinary creations, and everything seems just a little more special when you spice it up.


A few easy ways to add a little spice:

Spice up a special meal: Surf and turf is great, but so predictable. Try perking up a pork loin with a sauce made from cherries and Carribean jerk spice, or creating a crust for salmon using cinnamon and honey.  Everyday pizza can even fit the occasion when you craft a heart-shaped crust and top with a spicy Arrabbiata sauce!

Spice up your wine: Go with the less expensive bottle (I prefer a red), then warm with mulling spices and serve in pretty glasses with slices of orange, berries or cinnamon sticks. You can do the whole thing for less than ten bucks.

Spice up your cocktails: There seems to be no end to the selection of flavored vodkas and spiced rums these days – the aisles look like a grown-up candy store! Get creative at home with spiced liqueurs, spice-rimmed glasses and infused simple syrups. Try a spiced tea (like Good Earth Sweet & Spicy blend), brewed strong, with a splash of bourbon and sugar. For sweeter drinks, like apple pie shots or fun flavored martinis, a simple spritz of whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar (or red hots!) on top can take your cocktail from ho-hum to HOT! (Not to mention the fact that you can buy the whole bottle for the same price as a restaurant drink, and you won’t have to worry about driving home. So have two! 😉 )

Spice up dessert: Strawberries might be the standard, but hey…been there, done that, right? Try cardamom-poached pears or sauteed apples with nutmeg and cinnamon-spiked whipped cream. Or, make it even easier on yourself and create a tasting platter with dessert cheeses, grapes, berries and a spiced chocolate. Lindt makes a chili-infused bar that’s available at most grocery retailers, or look for specialty bars that include everything from saffron to Ceylon cinnamon, sea salt and smoked chipotle.

The thing about great food is that it leads to great conversation, which, in turn, leads to what the folks at K-Y call “intimacy enhancement.” What parents couldn’t use a little of that, right? And the good news is that their new K-Y Yours+Mine Couples Lubricant can be found at your local Walmart, where you can spot it easily, drop it into your cart quick and just keep on walkin’… ((whistles))


(And if you run into your very friendly neighbor at Walmart, just toss it under something completely innocent, like baby jammies. Or not. Your call.)

BUDGET-FRIENDLY BONUS: Thrifty spenders will still be in good shape, because right now, specially marked Valentine’s Day Yours+Mine packages contain a $40 coupon for dinner ( and a movie (! Use it for the holiday, or use it to plan ahead for your next date night in.

Just look for the seal on the box:


So, try something new this Valentine’s Day! (Food. I’m talking about the food.) 

Or not. Your call. 😉

And with that, this is your friendly neighborhood #KYdatenight Guide, signing off. Over and out. Now go plan a Happy Valentine’s Day!








  1. Ooooohhh you have given me some really good ideas for Valentine’s Day…. of course I’m talking about the food…. or am I? 😉
    Danielle H recently posted..Dream Land Isn’t Far Away With Dohmie {The Official Sound Conditioner of the National Sleep Foundation}My Profile

  2. True story: Once we were living with my in-laws for a few months while our new house was being constructed. My then 5-year-old was having a VERY hard time in the bathroom and it became clear we had to give him a suppository. My MIL and I both left, went in different directions, and both came back to the bathroom with our own bottles of KY jelly to help him with the medicine. There is no greater awkwardness than standing next to your mother-in-law as she compares your lubricant with hers, no matter how much you love her. I know this to be true.
    Stephanie {Binkies and Briefcases} recently posted..Get Skinny Saturday: Week 3My Profile

  3. What great ideas that I probably never would have thought of. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a romantic but I tend to think of the “usual” stuff first. Thanks for the great post. #client
    Rita O’Neal recently posted..What is your World Vision for 2014?My Profile

  4. I am going to have a nice date night with my husband as well! I plan on good good, and great desserts!
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  5. Great ideas for a date night. I love the mulling spices in the wine and the spicy chocolate!
    Cynthia L recently posted..Kitchen layout for best usageMy Profile

  6. I love working with spices and sexy or not, you just gave me some great ideas for changing up some recipe ideas. Valentine’s Day dinner may have just gotten a bit spicier.
    Heather M recently posted..#PinterestFoodie Link-up 23My Profile

  7. I love those candy bars that have a little heat added to them. Great ideas for spicing things up!
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  8. OMG – you’ve got me laughing here. ABout the food, of course. LOL
    Lisa recently posted..Jewel – Low prices everyday #NotGoingAnywhere #adMy Profile

  9. Love your tips about spicing up date night,,,, and staying on budget is ALWAYS a plus… can’t wait to try a few of your tips…thanks for sharing
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  10. Oh great ideas….it is really good to keep the spice in your dates with your spouse! I really like that KY is giving you the spice for the bedroom but also giving you food & a movie to get the party started! Love it…thank you for this ad I will have to check it out!
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  11. LOL… food! I’m talking about the food. Sureeee you are haha. Great tips btw :)
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  12. Love the tips and ideas!
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  13. Great ideas! I love the twist on the typical drinks. Our date nights are far and few between….sadly.
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  14. Thank you for this! Great ideas… I have always enjoyed spicy chocolate. The idea of salmon with cinnamon and honey, and pears with cardamom made my mouth water! Must give those a try.
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  15. I just love your idea of doing a mulled wine and spicing up dessert in new ways. 😉
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  16. These are great ideas for a date night! You got me excited to surprise my husband.
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  17. I like your ideas to spice things up!!! So fun! #client

  18. This is really funny! Love it!
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