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Rural living has its perks. We have plenty of room to plant anything we want, and we look forward to welcoming ducks and chickens this spring! But, as with anything else, there’s a flip side. The inconveniences of living way out here become apparent when unexpected things come up, like late-night ice cream cravings…or sick kids. That’s where techy advances like Walgreen’s Pharmacy Chat come in handy.

If you’ve been following along, you might know that my 4-year-old is in the midst of some dental work. It’s requiring several appointments and nitrous oxide, which is a bit frightening for me. Better than anesthesia, but still frightening, so I want him to be in the best health when we go. So, two days before our last appointment, he woke up in the middle of the night with a headache and a fever of 102.5. I immediately went into Crisis Management Mom Mode.

Would we have to cancel our appointment? What about the pain in his tooth? How many weeks would it take to reschedule? Is nitrous oxide safe if it’s just a cold? How long should I wait before calling the dentist? Could it be the flu…near the baby?! Eek!

It was snowing out, and our doctor isn’t exactly nearby, so I was dreading bundling everyone up and heading out into the cold. And that was if they could even fit us in. (And who wants to bring a potential flu-carrier into a doctor’s office anyway?) And then it hit me…

I’m working with Collective Bias on the #WalgreensRX campaign! They asked me to call and try out the Chat with a Pharmacist feature at Walgreens.com, and this is the perfect time for it! (Sometimes these “posts with a purpose” really do come in handy.)

So I hopped over to the Walgreens website, and set up an account. It took about 2 minutes (just name, address, establish password. The usual routine.)

Since they are available 24 hours a day, it took mere seconds before a pharmacist popped up in a chat window to help me.

I told her what was going on, and she asked a few questions.

The pharmacist I spoke to helped clear up for me exactly what symptoms I should look for (I kind of already knew this, but it was helpful anyway.) And then, since I was already in a chat, I asked a few other questions just out of curiosity.

Obviously, I was speaking to a pharmacist and NOT a doctor, so she only answered the questions she could and referred me to my primary care physician for the rest. I was glad to see that they weren’t trying to replace my doctor, and when I asked a question that was out of bounds, that’s exactly where they referred me.

My main inquiries, and how the Walgreen’s pharmacist responded:

What could be wrong with my son? She couldn’t answer specifically (not a doctor!) but said it could be a cold or flu, and advised me to contact my doctor if it got any worse.

If he’s sick, should he be given nitrous oxide? I knew this was a little out of her realm of expertise, but I figured I’d ask. She referred me to my doctor.

Can I give him anything to help with the fever/headache while he’s already on antibiotics? This was the most appropriate question for this service. She advised me to give Tylenol, which is what my doctor eventually told me when we went in. (Yes, after the snow stopped, the doctor’s office did get us in. After a yucky flu swab and strep test, it turned out to be just a quick virus that was gone by the next day. We made it to our dental appointment with no problems!)

Except that he wanted to stop and play in the snow at every turn. Feeling better, for sure! As moms, we manage health issues the best we can, and smiles like this are the reason why!

Thanks, Walgreens!

The nicest part of my whole Walgreens interaction was that I was chatting with a real live person who was friendly and personable. She also didn’t try to sell me anything. Tylenol was recommended, but that was all, and not until I asked. Fortunately, anything you might need, from over-the-counter meds and supplements to homeopathic remedies and more, can either be found at your local Walgreens, along with prescriptions from your doctor (which can be sent with free shipping!)

And if you need access to your prescription history or have pricing inquiries, the online chat works for that too. Just sign in and they can access that info for you. Your chat is always confidential, and you can print it right from the chat window.

Huge thanks to Walgreens Pharmacy Chat for answering my questions during those early morning hours when all a mom can really do is worry. I just wish I had this service when I had my first newborn at home! For folks who live in rural areas like me (or those with other issues, like lots of kids or no transportation) this free peace of mind is a lifesaver. After all, we never plan it, but things like dosage and interaction questions, allergic reactions and unexpected side effects do happen, and when they do, it’s nice to know that Walgreens is only a click away.

Now, if we could just get them to deliver ice cream…


*It’s important to note that Walgreens Pharmacy Chat is not intended for use in medical emergencies. The information provided is not a substitute for medical advice from your physician. If you are in need of immediate medical attention, contact your physician, poison control center or emergency medical professional.



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    This is definitely helpful! My doctor is always available through emails and seems to be at any time of the night or day so if he wasn’t that way, I would probably not be feeling so great. This is so good to know. I will definitely be putting this info on my fridge as a reminder that Walgreens CAN help!

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    This sounds like it could be great for me being home with the kids and I’m thinking about getting something from the pharmacy but I have questions and can’t get there at the moment. I could just ask my questions so when I get to the pharmacy I can just get what I need and be done with it. :) Thanks for sharing this! Walgreens seems to be starting to have it all.
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