Burlap-wrapped Seed Packet Valentines

Looking for a special gift for your sweet pea? Forget the candy hearts… I’ve got the perfect valentines: simple seed packets, wrapped in easy burlap envelopes. With no candy, no food dyes, and a budget-friendly price tag, there’s no better way to say “I dig you!” to your favorite garden lover!

Burlap Wrapped Seed Packet Valentines

This one is great for grandparents, teachers, classmates…pretty much anyone. I’ve seen seed packets as low as 10 cents in the dollar store, so browse around for the best prices and you’ll spend about the same as you would on throw-away cards. Or, if your love is a garden fanatic like mine, make several and gift them in a pot or tied up with a pair of garden gloves. Those warm spring days are coming, and a reminder is sure to put a smile on your sweetie’s face!

First, choose your favorite seeds, either veggies or flowers. I’m doing easy flowers like marigolds for my son’s daycare friends, sunflowers and tomatoes for my mom, and a variety of spicy peppers for my husband. 😉

For the burlap, I used scraps from another project. Just cut a piece big enough to wrap around the bottom half of your seed packet. You’ll want it to be shaped like underpants (as my son aptly pointed out.)

Fold the bottom piece up, then wrap the two sides around the back and secure with hot glue. (Make sure that the amount and placement of your glue does not obscure the instructions on the packet!)

Then create a little saying for your tag. Use mine, or get creative!

A few ideas:

  • I hope our friendship keeps on growing! (Good for daycare, I think?)
  • For my sweet pea…
  • My heart “beets” for you!
  • You look “radishing!” (This one is on a pot holder in my kitchen.)
  • Let’s heat things up, Valentine! (habaneros, maybe?)

Print it out on your home printer, then glue it on pink or red paper, embellish with hearts, flowers, whatever you find in your craft supplies, and tie with twine. I got the twine shown at Target for $1.00.

Burlap Wrapped Seed Packet Valentines

Let the kids sign the tag for a personal touch. Your gift will be totally heartfelt with no yucky ingredients, and who knows…you just might spark a new passion!







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