Boba 4G Baby Carrier {Review and Giveaway 1/31}

Have you seen this new video from Boba? If not, grab a box of tissues.

I know, I know. I’m a sniffling mess, too. Nothing gets me all worked up like a reminder of just how special our babies – and our roles as mothers –really are.

If my son made me a mother, my daughter made me a different one. I mother differently now as the parent of two, and babywearing is one of the things that really helps me pull it off. With my son, I didn’t invest in a good carrier and ended up not using the cheap-o one we bought (go figure.) This time around, however, I know that quality and safety are key, and that’s why I love my new Boba baby carrier.

My husband has been using a Boba Air for a while, but now I’m using the Boba 4G. There are so many features to this carrier that make it truly one of a kind.

So, now that my sweet babies #mademeamother, let’s talk about what kind of mother Boba is helping me to be…

A more comfortable mother

The first thing I noticed when I started using my Boba was that I get a nice, high carry with it. My baby girl never seems to slip down low like in other carriers, and she can nuzzle into my neck and fall asleep better that way. It also really lives up to that “hug” claim above. It’s the most snug and sturdy-feeling soft-structured carrier I own, which took a little getting used to at first, but now I really like it.

A more stylish mother!

Boba offers solid basics, but the prints are so pretty! The one I have is the Soho, and at a time when I’m still dealing with a postpartum body and wearing lots of black, it provides such a fun pop of color. It’s all the accessory I need (which also saves time and effort, which is nice during those months where pulling together a “look” just doesn’t happen.)

A more organized mother

Pockets! Yay for pockets! ALL carriers need at least one pocket, and this one has several!


A more budget-conscious mother

It’s made for babies from 7–45lbs, so it’s the only carrier you’ll need for a newborn hold, front carry or back carry. It includes the integrated infant insert as well as the ergonomic foot straps for bigger babies. We haven’t used those yet, but I’m looking forward to it and I think they are a really valuable inclusion to the carrier package. (Who wants to have to buy extra accessories?)

A more relaxed, confident mother

Boba is focused on safety. I recently wrote a post about why we choose not to carry forward-facing, and Boba, as a company, promotes the same safety practices. You can read more about the benefits of facing inward by clicking back to that post or visiting the Boba website, where you’ll find tons of useful advice and research-based articles on babywearing.

But, what about the cons?

There’s not much I don’t like about the Boba 4G. But if I had to choose some cons, I’d say that the higher carry I get in my Boba makes breastfeeding just a tad more difficult since I have to do more adjusting. It is convenient, however, that there is an adjustable side snap for easier breastfeeding access. (Just a note: I’m 5’5″ and a size 8–10.)

Also, I think the black fabric picks up some lint. But, hey…that’s pretty minor.


When I wear her close, my baby is always content, secure and happy. We’re able to breastfeed anywhere at a moment’s notice, and while we’re seeing the world together, we’re also able to pull up the sleep hood and tune it all out when she needs to just lay her head down on Mommy. Overall, babywearing has become an integral part of my life as a mother, and now Boba has become an integral part of my babywearing!


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The back carry is next, along with our thoughts on wearing a 36lb 4-year-old, so I’ll be posting photos of our Boba 4G in action!

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