A Holiday Act of True Love: Disney FROZEN #FrozenFun


I promise not to let any spoilers slip, but I just have to tell you about the movie date I just had with my little boy. We went to see Disney’s FROZEN, and it turned out to be every bit as fabulous as I expected. We’re going to see it again while it’s still on the big screen…it’s just that fantastic. The music, the humor, the beautiful snowy landscapes…but most of all, the message. You just can’t walk away from FROZEN without realizing the importance of true love and sacrificing for those you care about.

So, back to our date. I knew we’d be out late, so I surprised my boy with a stop at Walmart for a movie-themed pillow or blanket to take along. The first thing we saw was the huge display of FROZEN dolls, and I have to admit, the sparkles and snowflakes brought back my inner 6-year-old. (There really is nothing like opening a new doll and brushing her hair. :) )

Lots of Anna and Elsa, but we were really looking for Olaf. Displays were everywhere, featuring cups and plates, pink blankets and pillows, pajamas and dresses…but no Olaf.

Frozen Displays

We searched and searched, but there was no Olaf to be found. He must be ONE popular snowman! After being told by an associate that there were none left, we found one lone Olaf pillow on a random shelf, so we grabbed him! Perfect for an after-bedtime movie! He definitely got plenty of hugs while we were in the theater.


Needless to say, the movie was a hit. Definitely one we’ll buy for home. I knew right away that I needed to head back to Walmart to grab a FROZEN toy for Christmas. So the next day, we did – in the snow!


I didn’t tell my boy that we were going to look at toys, but he had FROZEN on the brain as soon as we saw the FROZEN-themed Fresh Fit for Kids Meals at Subway. The Walmart locations are offering an exclusive bonus Olaf keychain with a kids meal purchase (along with a collectible movie-themed reusable lunch bag) so we got a couple of veggie sandwiches to fuel us for shopping. A certain little boy was very happy with his lunch…

Here’s where it gets good. Before we got to the toys, we passed the Salvation Army wish tree, and my little guy nearly leapt out of the cart to see it.

This year, we’ve been talking a lot about children who don’t have much for Christmas, and we had already grabbed a wish off the tree in our local mall. It’s for a little girl named Kira who wants dolls for Christmas, and my son didn’t forget that for a minute.

“Mommy! We need to get our present for Kira! Let’s get her FROZEN dolls! Anna and Elsa! Let’s get her Anna and Elsa!” I could have just burst seeing his excitement.

How could I say no to that? Off we headed to the toy department. Wouldn’t you know, it didn’t look anything like it did the day before. There were about half as many toys. Let me tell you, if you’re interested in FROZEN toys this holiday season, make sure to grab them when you see them! Olaf toys are hard to find, a glimpse of Sven is rare, and Elsa seems to be selling out everywhere! We did get a pair of dolls, though. Color Magic dolls, in fact! Their dresses take on a pretty pattern when you touch them with the water wand (included.) How fun is that?

The only problem? My son fell in love with Elsa and didn’t want to give her up.

Elsa Toy #Cbias #FrozenFun #shop

He wept over her, and we talked a lot about Kira and how she might feel on Christmas morning if we didn’t send her dolls to her. (Hard to blame him, though. Look how pretty they are!)

Frozen Dolls #FrozenFun #cbias #shopIt took a little convincing and a few tears, but in the end, he did it happily. We took our dolls to the mall and he walked right up to the first mall cop he saw and told them that he had an Anna and an Elsa for a little girl named Kira, so she could have Christmas, too.

Look at my sweet boy. I’m so glad he realized quickly how good it feels to give. (Inspired by Anna and Elsa, maybe?)


Of course, once he decided to give up the Elsa he loved, my heart warmed up a bit and I got inspired to give, too. I stopped and picked up the FROZEN soundtrack on CD and we’ve been jamming and dancing to that for days (HOW on Earth does he remember what was happening on screen during each song of the movie?) And, it took several trips to several Walmart stores, but I did finally get my hands on some great FROZEN merchandise.

The read-along story book with CD keeps him entranced like nothing else we own!

And, for under the tree, a little stuffed Olaf, a plush Anna, and yes…even an Elsa!

Disney FROZEN Toys

He’s going to be so surprised! I can’t wait to see the big smile on that little face.

Isn’t giving fun?





  1. I have not seen the Frozen movie yet, but my girls want to see it! I don’t think they would behave in the movie theater since they can hardly sit still now.
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  2. I love Frozen. I understand your little one’s interest in it!
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  3. Haven’t seen the movie yet but it sounds geat! Hope to get some time to see it. Love the toys!
    Ave recently posted..5 Attractions You Just Can’t Miss in BarcelonaMy Profile

  4. I’ve heard such good things about the movie Frozen. I plan on taking my son to see it on Christmas break. He can’t wait!
    Diane N – Philzendia recently posted..Host A White Elephant Ugly Gift Exchange PartyMy Profile

  5. We have not seen this movie yet. But, I have been hearing nothing but great things about it.
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  6. Frozen sounds like the perfect ‘date’ gift to give my niece and nephew this year. Thanks for the last minute gift idea!!
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  7. ” do you want to build a snowman… It doesn’t have to be a snowman!”
    Great movie..we just took the kids last Friday.
    We went looking for Sven {the reindeer} and Olaf but couldn’t find one here either!
    Love the gift ideas :0)

  8. I got my niece the frozen dolls for christmas!
    Elizabeth@ Food Ramblings recently posted..Stuffed Pepper SoupMy Profile

  9. We love Frozen.. I can’t wait to actually see the movie.. I have been planning a party once I finally get it and share with the kids..too cute.. thanks for sharing
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  10. I love that you are teaching your kids the gift of giving :)
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  11. Haven’t had a chance to see it yet but at a family party all my little cousins were in a tizy over the movie!
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  12. My three littles loved Frozen! I think they need that cuddly Olaf!
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  13. These toys are all so adorable! My kids love Frozen!
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  14. he’s going to be SO EXCITED!! and i’m in love with olaf and i haven’t SEEN the movie yet. monday we’re hoping to go
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  15. We saw Frozen a couple of weeks ago. It was so super cute. I love the Olaf stuffed toy and the dolls are so pretty. Disney always has the neatest movie products. I am glad ya’ll are having a great Christmas.
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  16. We haven’t gotten to see Frozen yet but my daughter has been telling me we have to watch it soon.
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  17. It’s always so fun to find toys to go along with your favorite movies. There is some super cute Frozen merchandise out there now.
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  18. Awesome toys! Our three year old wants to see this movie SO BADLY. We’re going to see it this weekend, so we might have to have Santa deliver some of these toys on Christmas!
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  19. I just took my daughter to see this over the weekend and we loved it as well! Wasn’t Olaf hysterical?!

  20. We just watched Frozen this past weekend and loved it. Your post makes me want to go out and buy some Frozen gifts to put under the tree!
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  21. Great story. I followed moment by moment, complete with your photos ;)
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  22. It’s definitely going to be a merry Christmas for everyone with all those Frozen toys!
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  23. Wow! He looks so happy with all of his great Frozen toys. I still have not seen the movie but really need to. I keep hearing such great stories about it.
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  24. loved the movie, I bought my daughter one of the dolls for Christmas!
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  25. My kids are obsessed with the snowman.
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  26. I haven’t seen this movie yet but it looks like the toys are cute!

  27. My daughter is going this weekend to see the movie and I know she is going to love it.
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  28. This is all so exciting, I can’t wait to see the movie and I can’t wait to get all of the toys that go along with it too!
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  29. I cannot wait to take my son to see Frozen!!
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  30. How sweet! It looks like you had so much fun! I love that photo of him snuggled up with Olaf reading. And how wonderful that he wanted to buy the Angel Tree little girl the dolls! A sweet heart! #client
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