Facing In: Safe Babywearing with Boba Baby Carriers

Did you know that Boba is the only baby carrier company that exclusively sells baby carriers that keep baby facing inward? You might ask why that matters. You might think that since there are carriers on the market made to carry baby facing outward, they must be safe, right? I did. But then two things happened: I did a little research on what actually happens to a baby’s body when facing outward, and 2. I had babies of my own, and realized that facing inward is the only choice for us. 

Safe Babywearing Boba

First, the physical side of it. When a baby is held in a carrier, their legs and hips need to be positioned in a sort of frog-like position in order to prevent a condition called hip dysplasia. When they face inward in a proper carrier, their legs go into this position naturally (although you may have to help a bit for tiny littles.) When facing outward, there is a danger that their legs will dangle (have you heard the term “crotch dangler?”) putting pressure in all the wrong places, like their pelvis, spine and legs. Just picture a baby with their legs gripping mama, then picture that same position facing outward – it doesn’t happen.

Facing baby outward can present other dangers, too. Their tendency to grab things, as well as the possibility of getting bumped or hit while facing away. Wearing my baby helps me get housework done, and I could never do most of it with her facing out!

And then there’s the psychological part of inward-facing babywearing that has been reaffirmed for me over and over again since I began wearing my baby. Probably 90% of the time, we choose to carry instead of using a stroller for her safety and comfort, and to avoid overstimulation and just plain scary crowds of people. Just think of a parade or busy mall – who wants to be knee-level to a thousand charging adults? Yikes!

The sheer number of times I catch her smiling up at my face is proof enough that I want her facing in, every time. At 10 months old, she loves to look around, but she still needs the reassurance of being able to look at mama’s face whenever she chooses.

My baby girl sleeps in the carrier, she nurses in the carrier, she finds her comfort in a busy store or crowded event by laying her head on my chest and sucking her thumb. None of those things can happen when facing forward. She can’t even see Mama that way! To me, the forward-facing position just seems very vulnerable and unprotected. I love wrapping my arms around my cuddly baby and keeping her close no matter where we are – even during Black Friday shopping. I put the hood up on her carrier and she nursed and slept amidst the madness for 2 whole hours!

Here’s a look at us before we entered the mall, and then again 2 hours later! She was perfectly content and BONUS! Facing in made it easy to keep people from touching her! (Believe me, they tried.)


Here are Boba’s Top 9 Reasons you should not carry your baby facing outward:

Following the principles of Attachment Parenting doesn’t mean you can’t ever put your baby down, but it’s so clear that keeping those little ones close yields immeasurable benefits. I wouldn’t trade those precious moments for anything, and I believe they will affect our my relationship with my children for a lifetime. Visit Dr. Sears to learn more, and don’t miss my Safe Babywearing Pinterest board below!

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Are you a babywearing parent? What are your thoughts on safe babywearing? 

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Boba. The opinions and text are all mine.


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