Bad string of holiday lights? Read this before you throw it out! #WattsUp

Bad holiday lights leaving you in the dark? LightKeeper Pro has the easy fix!


I never used to decorate much for the holidays. You probably could have called me a bit of a Scrooge. But now that I have little ones, I’m putting my best effort into making the house as festive as possible. There not much that makes those little eyes light up more than, well…lights!

But those things aren’t cheap, and nothing brings my hidden Scrooge back out faster than spending a bunch of money on holiday lights for my kids and then having them go dead on me. (Like last year. I had a half-lit house. Ugh.)

As tempting as it is to tear those broken lights down and toss them in the trash, there’s another answer that can save you a lot of money and aggravation, and keep lots of lights out of our landfills! It’s a handy little tool that can fix your broken incandescent lights in a matter of seconds – the LightKeeper Pro® from UltaLit!

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A little company background:

“You’re decorating a Christmas tree and a bulb blows. Frustrated, you buy another strand. Now, imagine you’re CEO of a pre-lit tree company and your entire year’s shipment has faulty bulbs. What next? If you’re John DeCosmo, of Ulta-Lit Technologies, you invent a tool that can fix any light set, is consumer-friendly and costs only $20. Now, 17 years later, Ulta-Lit is a 3-time INC 5000 honoree with product available in 20,000 outlets.”

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How it works:
Just plug, click and fix! Plug the light set into the AC outlet, remove bulb from unlit section, insert LightKeeper Pro and click the trigger. One of two things will happen:

  1. The LKP’s Quick Fix Trigger will target and fix what is known as a shunt issue or internal bulb failure – the #1 cause of light set failures.
  2. The LKP’s Audible Voltage Detector will help you locate other issues such as loose bulbs, broken bulbs, contact issue or other points of interruption that may keep electricity from flowing through the engire light set.

Turn to the Pros: If doesn’t have your answer, call 888-ULTA-LIT (888-858-2548) to solve your lighting dilemmas all year. During the busy decorating season (from Thanksgiving to Christmas), they’re there to answer all your questions, seven days a week from 9–5 PM (Central).

To stay connected (pun there?), follow LightKeeper Pro on Facebook, Pinterest, or tweet them @LightkeeperPro.

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THREE lucky winners will each receive a LightKeeper Pro! Enter using the easy Rafflecopter form below. US only, 18 and over. No purchase necessary.

We haven’t gotten our lights up yet, but it will be happening next weekend! Follow me on Instagram at wendykate99 to see how we do this year, and post your own holiday lights using hashtag #WattsUp!


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  1. Christina says

    Yes we decorate inside and out with lots of lights. I love Christmas lights. I’ve been let down by half strands going out on the house and tree many times. ugh


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